Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: A Banner Year

I have had more deep deliverance and healing this year than any other in my life to my knowledge.  By Their immeasurable love and grace, the Godhead enabled my deliverance from big-time family issues like never before.  They have freed me from the stronghold of personal demons (literally), from emotional bondage in all areas of family (including parental sin and mistakes); by Their supernatural power I've undergone spiritual heart surgery and spiritual brain surgery all to equip me to walk in Their merciful designation of me to the pastorate this year. 

My gracious! What is up with 2012?

When I asked the Lord if there was a star next to 2012 in my timeline in Heaven, He laughed with me, knowing how blown away I've been.  But, as always, God sees the succinct question and wonderment on our hearts we cannot sufficiently articulate; so, He said to me,
"Daughter, what you're really wondering about is the acceleration of these things in your life. Deliverance you have experienced for years now, but never at this mightily accelerated rate, and that's what your heart is really wondering about.  It's linked to your obedience concerning (Henry)."
[Note: I've changed the true name of the man referenced out of respect for his privacy.]

In Fall 2010, God linked Pastor Henry and I to His will for us to become man and wife.  Henry had been unequally yoked for 20 years and was divorced about three years when we met.  There was a teenaged daughter from the marriage.  We met online and corresponded lengthily, virtually every day.

God helped Henry with emotional issues and work situations as an executive; Lynette and my Pastor ministered to him in encouragements; and God basically returned the two of us to the forum of trusting, loving, friendship.  The Lord asked Henry to come to our fellowship in the spring of 2011 so we could all meet and minister together.  Henry even shared a vision he said God gave him of the day he would be traveling our way; things were looking very bright.  Henry and I had grown quite close and had each professed agape love for one another...

... but then, like a stage curtain, Henry slowly closed his heart from the scene.  By degrees, he backed away from our cheerful, daily correspondence and grew fearful of God's plans. 

The onset of uncertainty in Henry spawned hurt and rejection in me, but Abba's goals are never romance as much as they are redemption.  He does not lend Himself to fairy tales.

He knew Henry was about to back out of everything.  So, in a word through a pastor friend, Abba asked me if I was willing to put aside my personal desires for married relationship to this man and simply pray for him - intercede for him daily so that Abba could salve and bandage his wounds like the Samaritan did for one considered an enemy to his people.

The Lord told me that Henry's emotional and spiritual state was that of a broken, bleeding man in need of mercy and not judgement.  He asked me if I would truly lift him to Holy Spirit's care and custody every day so that he could be healed and given opportunity to shake off all doubt and fear in his life.  God also assured me that I did not have to do this; I could let Henry go his way and leave his reparation in prayer support to God.

The Lord ended the word, however, in a manner I'll not soon forget.  After asking me to count the cost of His request and choose whether or not to obey... after emphasizing that He would not chide or reject me no matter my decision, the Lord said,

The place I Am asking you to go is very vulnerable and extremely sacrificial. 

Honestly, I wasn't exactly sure what God meant by "extremely sacrificial" other than asking me to pray earnestly for someone who had, basically, backslidden.  I will say that, for a few hours, I genuinely considered taking the "easy route" which the Lord assured me would not reap any reprisal from Him - but I knew it was not the true desire of God's Heart for me; I knew Abba wanted me to go for the gusto.  So I allowed myself to hear Holy Spirit's voice speaking to me in encouragements, as always.  He said,
"You know your Abba.  You know He will not let you fail or stumble or ultimately fall or be truly harmed.  You know He will keep you in this place... why not obey Him, and ask for this man's rejuvenation and greater salvation each day?  Why not say 'yes' to what He has asked of you?"
There's no one like Holy Spirit, Saints - no one.

I agreed to obey, and I prayed for Henry every day; I remanded his heart, mind, and emotions to Abba's custody and lifted him in prayer and praise at the start of my private time with the Lord.

Spring came and went without Henry's visit and, though we still wrote a bit, his letters were replete with denials and excuses and fear.  They ebbed to nearly nothing by mid-summer and then, in July 2011 I discovered the sad truth that Henry had remarried his ex-wife.

I won't lie... I was heartbroken.

The next few months were filled with Daddy ministering His healing and truth to me regarding what He was able to accomplish in Henry through my willingness to intercede for him.  Holy Spirit was allowed to access places within Henry's heart and emotions otherwise denied to Him.  Henry's excuse regarding God's love and provision was taken away by my obedience in intercession.  In other words, friends, God was pleased with my agreement even in the face of it dawning on me what He meant by "extremely sacrificial".  Daddy knew back then that Henry was courting his ex-wife and soon would remove himself from all situation of redemption in his life.  God knew Henry would return to his vomit, and he did.

That completes the circle in answering why Abba's redemptions and deliverances and healings in me have been so greatly accelerated this year.  Obedience.

Abba saw to it that I received from His hand what I willingly gave to Henry - MERCY.
All the prayers and heartfelt blessings Holy Spirit enabled me to lift to Abba on Henry's behalf came pouring back into my heart and life in multiples.  We can't out-give God, and He takes our obedience VERY seriously.  My Abba told me,
"... in your perceptions, you were willing to give away all that I had promised you of life as a wife and a mother with a future in ministry with a man you loved - just because I'd asked you to... Beloved, I do not take that lightly. Therefore, I have rewarded you with the wholeness, health, and healing that you were willing to pray upon (Henry), and I have accomplished within you in nine months that which would have taken five years to consume by normal earth timescale and events.  Amen."
My friend prophetically linked this to the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice Isaac and give all the promises of the blessing of nations back to Yahweh just because He'd asked it of him.  GOD is the true goal and aim and center of our lives, beloved - not the promise or the blessingGOD ALONE.  Hallelujah!

Father God will abundantly reward all those who lovingly and sacrificially obey Him, seeking  His satisfaction and pleasure above all things.  As my mother always told me, "Even if you have to cry - trust Him."

Look where I am now, by the power of His grace!  Look at my delivered heart, Saints!  Look at the immense reward stored up for me in treasured heart and mind and soul and spirit aligned with all God's will for my redemption forever! Look what Daddy has done for His girl!

HALLELUJAH!  And it's ALL BECAUSE OF HIM!  I am bought and paid for by His Holiness and Precious, shed blood!  Indeed, my Abba knows that I love Him, because I obey Him.  He has enabled me to do so by receiving His merciful power and voice in my life and, by that Mercy, I will continue to obey.

As I wave farewell to the absolutely miraculous year of 2012, I do so knowing that the greatest inroad to God's Heart is obedience.  He's asking for that in all of His children. Amen.

Be eternally blessed, Saints.
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

"The Lord is My Shepherd"

Provision.  It's a nine-letter word that's kicking my tail right now.
Well, honestly, I'm the one doing the kicking... Daddy's just allowing me to be exposed.

Since the Lord governed my release from the secular workplace nearly four years ago, I've been undergoing varying degrees of deeper deliverance.  God has been dismantling my belief systems in all areas not aligned with His, and gently replacing them with His truth. The flesh hates God's holy operatives and, as my twin sister Lynette often says, it fights Him "tooth and toenail" over the replacement of every deceptive issue.

The Best of
A nine-letter word; nine is God's number of completion and, linking the two, by Holy Spirit I can see how this big fat area of struggle regarding His "provision" stands between me and God's desire to bring wholeness and completeness to my life.  Though blocks and hindrances are always difficult to remove, I'm realizing more than ever what an enemy the phrase "my own" has been to the basic evaluation of myself as a human being, let alone as Daddy's girl.

For instance, I was raised to think in largely benevolent, but ALWAYS independent terms. Linked hard and fast to my emotions and those of my advisers was this unwritten list of items I always was admonished to have including, but not limited to:

The Material
My own job
My own money
My own home/apartment
The Emotional
My own thoughts
My own opinions/beliefs
My own imaginations
My own desires/dreams
The Spiritual
My own relationship with God

Except for obeying the admonishments of the Apostle Paul and "pressing toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus", which I file under having my own relationship with God, everything else up there on that list has gotten me into trouble, because the simple truth is that, according to Abba's word, even I am not "my own"!
"Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit Who is in you, Whom you have from God, and you are not your own?  For you were bought at a price; therefore, glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's."  (1 Cor. 6:19-20)
Wow, Sharon... wake up and smell the black-cut tea, babe!

Though God was targeting sexual immorality in that passage, the truth of our bodies in general belonging to Him and not to us applies to every area of our existence.  When I was talking to Holy Spirit during the latest trial of relying on Daddy to provide my rent and other living expenses (which, by the way, He always supplies) I emphasized that I am NOT lazy; as an adult I've always had my own job and my own money and paid all my own bills and been responsible for my own things and made my own way...

See what I mean?  What's the ridiculously recurring phrase in that really annoying defense? Of course, Holy Spirit didn't ascribe any harsh, judgmental superlatives to my voice in this place.  He didn't rebuke me at all, but simply spoke the truth.
"Beloved, I Am your Provision.  Though you couldn't look at it this way, I have supplied all the things you've had need of all the days of your life.  Your provision has not been your own, but Mine.  The selfishness of 'self' has misinterpreted man's way since the beginning of time, but My way is one of provision for you in all the things of your life's daily stresses, thoughts, opinions, obligations, and circumstances.  I hold the keys to your life's advances, not you; and beloved, I have granted you success by Abba's edict and command in and over your life."
When I rebutted to God that waiting for His provision made me feel like a child instead of a responsible adult who could be getting a secular job and supporting herself, I felt Holy Spirit soften... yes, soften and not harden in the face of my thick-skulled resistance.  God knows the difficulties battling us; He also knows we are dust and takes that into loving consideration.  (Thank You, Jesus.)

The Lord looked at me and said,
"That's just the point, beloved... you are a child and, in Abba's eyes, a child is raised to do one thing and that is to depend on his Father completely.  In order for you to walk in the example before My people of total dependence upon Abba, YOU MUST BECOME TOTALLY DEPENDENT upon Him, in every way - especially that of your thinking."
All I could say was Amen.  That hasn't changed.  God has never tried to hide the goal of His processing in trial.  I know the words He speaks to me are unadulterated, for He IS the Truth.

My friends, this is a challenging lesson for me, and the necessity of God's total refit of my emotions and belief systems in this place continues.  I solicit your prayers and testimonies to His greatness and power which are immense, so that His faith can completely encompass the areas of uncertainty in me.  The process of His mercy has a gentle lead on the doubts and instability and pride of the flesh.  By His power, I'm coming along, yielding more and more; for that, I'm grateful.

The abiding truth is and ever will be that,
"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want." (Psalm 23:1)

[A Prayer for us: Father, in Jesus' Name, I seal the appropriation of every word of truth regarding Your Provision into my own heart and life and into the hearts and lives of everyone being exposed for Your deliverance and healing in this place. I cover these truths with the Blood of Jesus, and thank You for Your powerful Hand of transformation in us to the image of Your dear Son. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.]

In Humble Agreement with God's Truth,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision

God's Special-Assignment Angels

Welcome one and all to another installment of "Beyond the Veil"!

I'm at a friend's home at this writing, and my holiday has been filled, extended, and blessed by their hospitality.  A special shout-out to Evelyn Green and her sweet daughters Antonia and Nikki... I love you all very much.

When Abba gave me permission to share the delightful encounter - well, more like an introduction to one of the special-assignment angels living at my home and sharing life with me in God's realm, I was very grateful.  You know, we believers have special-assignment angels in our lives in addition to the four guardian angels assigned to us from birth.  The Lord revealed the truth of the four guardian angels through Pastor Carl Hahn of Ohio, a man of God with whom many of you may be familiar.  Pastor Hahn literally has been living with and conversing with angels for several years now; our fellowship met him and his dear wife around 2002 and I've learned a great deal from his record of ongoing encounters with his own guardian angels and Holy Spirit.

Knowing these beings are assigned to our lives opens further insight into Daddy's heart for us.  In truth, every time a higher level of commitment and commissioning in God bursts forth in our lives, more and more of His angelic host take their places at our side.  God is awesome, friends, and filled with protective love for all of His children.

May the record of this splendid introduction illuminate and bless your hearts.

God’s Vision to me of:
(Copyright 2006 by Sharon Joy Gramling, JSM)

I met Angel Cleophus[1] . . . a Cherub[2] who has been assigned to me.  Jesus introduced us at a heavenly portal in the living room of my home.
Angel Cleophus dwells in the ethereal, white-golden glow of Heaven.  He appears about 12 feet tall. At the base of his long legs sometimes appear human feet and then calf-like hooves. He is covered in fine (almost faint) brown-and-white feathers, yet he also has arms and hands. He is a four-faced being (I saw that of a female human, a bird, and a lion; I did not see the fourth face at this meeting, but I knew by Holy Spirit it was present).  A golden skirt wraps him from waist to knees, tied at the waist by a thin, gold cord.
Angel Cleophus held out his left hand and bowed to greet me.  When he did, I noted his hand (from thumb to pinkie) is easily the width of a dinner plate; his fingers and nails are iridescent white and gold. The Crest of Heaven is imprinted on a ring on his left ring finger.  When his hand turns at a certain angle, a large letter ‘J’ appears in the center of the Crest.
I asked him why the ring is on his left hand instead of his right.  (Speaking through the face of the Human) he said, “Because I have surrendered my will to Jehovah[3], and I am among the legion of angels answering only to Christ, the Captain of the Lord’s Armies[4].”
The Crest is gold and silver of purity I have never seen before. The metal moves and glows on his hand as if through it he carries the Father with him. It fits to his hand like skin, but is clearly metal on feathered skin.  It is as if the ring knows him; it emanates the truth of Angel Cleophus’ complete surrender of heart to the Father’s Love and ‘ownership’ in a manner I have never before encountered.
(Face of the Bird): “We were given an opportunity heretofore to choose which one we would serve – be it the devil, ourselves, or the Lord.  I chose the Lord God Jehovah and have since come to know my ‘true self’ in Him, as you will come to know your redemptive self through the Lord Jesus Christ Who is also your Lord and Savior.”
A low-to-mid-toned humming sound radiates from Angel Cleophus.
“It is the heartbeat of Heaven,” Holy Spirit said.  “For all angels are possessed of the Father’s Integrity, and integrity is of the heart.”

[1] Pronounced klee-o’-fus.
[2] Ezekiel 10. Cherubim (plural) are very large and powerful, four-faced, angelic beings.
[3] Angel Cleophus pronounced God’s name Yay-ho-vah’.
[4] Joshua 5:13-15.

Smiling in Jesus,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Just Man Joseph

I love the way the personality of Joseph is fleshed out in Godly character in the seasonal film, “The Nativity Story”.  I first saw the movie a few years ago when I bought the DVD, and felt the portrayal of the man espoused to Mary who the Bible calls “just”, was awesome.  From the strength of character forwarded in that depiction I recall thinking how blessed any woman would be to have a man like Joseph.

The film presents him as a man really taken with Mary’s virtue and Godliness, who has basically got a full-blown crush on her.  But Mary couldn’t care less about being “espoused” to him and no longer free to be the child she was, according to the screen adaptation.  So Joseph has to grow on her and, because of the personal view the audience is given early on of Mary’s downtrodden life in Roman-oppressed Nazareth, he’s got to grow on us also.

In not much time, he does.

I admit that when Mary is ambushed by the arranged marriage plans Joseph and her parents have made unbeknownst to her, I want someone to do some really fast talking.  Joseph is tentative in presenting his desires at first, but the manner in which he shares his hopes for their occupancy of the house he is building is so boyish and sweet - almost shy, in fact - my skeptical edges start to smooth a bit.

Eventually, the story reveals that this guy is wonderful.  Truly.  He’s a skilled, hard worker who is kind and thoughtful, not only to Mary, but to her family.  He is a devout son of God whose character parallels Christ’s in many ways.

When Mary is found to be pregnant, not only does he desire, as scripture says, not to put her up to public ridicule and possibly death, he’s portrayed as making it his business to approach her with the news of the angel’s visitation revealing to him the truth of her virtuous,  holy conception.  I like that in a man.

Probably my favorite of the generous glimpses into Joseph’s character portrayed in the film is the way he looks on God’s city as he and Mary approach it afar off.  His burning heart touches mine as he fervently declares, “Jerusalem... the holy city!”  I understood the passion in his spirit just looking at the tiered, treasured structure realizing its preciousness to the heart of God; it is the true capitol of the world.

Joseph is gentle when he needs to be, and shrewd when it’s called for.  Throughout their journey to Bethlehem he protects and comforts Mary, is kind to their donkey, and aptly assists in bringing forth her first born son.

The whole film is well done in my opinion, and I recommend it.  But “The Nativity Story” is most special to me because of its honoring portrayal of the just man, Joseph.

Merry Christmas.
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Forgiven Much

Like so many people, in my early teens I thought I knew everything.

In elementary school I’d been molested by a female teacher, which greatly skewed my views of love and self-worth.  At home, I regularly witnessed the cruelty of my mother’s marriage.  By the time I was 14 I’d wrongfully concluded that all men were scum, and decided I was going to champion the cause of the female lovelorn.

Today I shake my head in disbelief that I’d ever absorbed such a notion, but there it is.

The glorious, redemptive truth is that God delivered me from homosexuality.  I’m living proof that men and women can be completely rescued from the wreck of their choices.  In Christ, sinful, damaged lives can be totally healed and restored.

What sticks most prominently in my memory of those dark years (from age 12 to 20) is the truth that “the gifts of God are without repentance.”  In other words, the Seer gifting over my life remained in operation throughout and revealed itself sharply in gay bars.  In the spirit realm I’d see distorted, effeminate beings literally sitting inside the men  and hairy, Neanderthal-looking beasts inside the women.  Even in my rebellion I couldn’t deny the disgust I felt, so I just ignored it.  Though God was attempting to rescue me even then, I didn’t want to be rescued.  I was awash in corrosive emotions and felt like I was getting acceptance and approval out of homosexual indulgences.  Though I never truly received either of those things, I wasn’t ready to abandon my delusion.

“He who has been forgiven much, loves much.”  That’s so true with me.

Pride and the constant onslaught of rejection kept me from seeing God’s outstretched hand of deliverance and love; in fact, I viewed them as “protections” to my soul instead of the deadly enemies they were.  I chose delusion and deception over deliverance, and kept those choices hidden from my mother.  I was bereft of any true knowledge of self and self-worth but, in my heart’s depths, I knew God was chasing me.

Life was awful back then.

I had two or three relationships and thought love was in them, but it wasn’t.  Nothing is honest or real in any avenue of sin, and the further down death’s path I went, the more I hated myself.  The integrity of God planted in me when I gave myself to Him at age nine never left my heart.  Holy Spirit in me would simply shake off the dirt of my sinful choices and keep on convicting me.  Daddy was calling to His girl and, though I turned a deaf ear for years, He kept calling.  He kept showing me things in the spirit, He kept dropping truth into my soul every time I visited my mother (she probably knew more about my lifestyle than I realized); He kept convicting my choices.

He is aptly named the Hound of Heaven.  Thank you, Jesus.

The last relationship I had before returning to God lasted about four years.  I found out later that my mother had prayerfully lamented my backslidden state the entire time, and one day the cup of her faithful supplications tipped over onto my sinful life.  All at once, the veil was lifted from my eyes.  I had a violent encounter with the girl I was with... it left her bleeding.  I saw the scope of my dreadful, lifeless state.  I saw the hateful spirit inside of her, and my own wretched condition.  That day my heart was changed - so were my choices.  I remember resolving to run as far away from that so-called life as possible; I wanted to come back to God.

Although my mother had been praying all that time, I sensed she was a little leery of my blatant transformation.  Though it’s a pretty loose parallel, it reminds me of the disciples earnestly praying for Peter’s release from prison, and then no one believing Rhoda when he knocked at their door.  But I could understand my mom’s feelings; for years, I’d abandoned the righteousness raised in me... she needed to be sure.  Later I learned she simply asked God if there was true repentance in me; He assured her there was.  I thank God for my mother’s prayers; His power through them saved my life.

When I turned 21, I rededicated my life to the Lord and, by His grace, I haven’t looked back.  The experience of those years left me with unmovable faith in God’s ability to save from the guttermost to the uttermost; and I know the power of transforming righteousness released in our lives when we allow His light to illuminate our choices.

Grateful to God,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The "Father" Button

Before I turned ten, I thought the sun rose and set on my earthly father.  It seems some memories never leave us.

I remember sweet stuff from childhood like running down the hall of our home and literally jumping into his arms each day when he came home from work.

He taught me how to ride a bike.  The scene of me pedaling confidently down the long dirt road leading out from our house (thinking he was holding on to the back of my bike) often cranks through my mind like an eight-millimeter movie, and I love the part best where I discover, amazed, that I left him standing in front of the house waving happily to me, knowing that I'd ridden to the end of the pathway all by myself.

Those are good memories to have, and I thank God for them.

I also remember, though, the first time it hit me that my earthly father wasn't who I thought he was; I can take you to the very place I was standing when I realized it.  I was ten.

When I began "Daddy's Girl" I said it's a blog about victory, and that's the truth. The Lord has asked me to share portions of the many trials and deliverances necessary to bring me to such places of triumph, wrought by the Godhead.  For me, facing and conquering family and earthly-father issues over the years has been the big kahuna of them all.  I've needed God's constant exposure, repair, and readjustments in every area due to my sinful humanity, certainly, but also due to the negative experiences I had growing up in a home where my mother was a prophet of God, and my earthly father embraced the black arts.

Yep, you heard me.  He was a practicing warlock.  What's worse, for five years he was also the pastor of our Baptist church.

Since the point of this post is to share how - after decades of gentle processing in His love - our Heavenly Father powerfully and painstakingly delivered my emotions from the horrific grip of those years, I won't go into specific detail here about that painful time. The point of this post is also to share hope with all who've had "shipwrecks of faith" decimate their family unit, by letting you know I've personally experienced Daddy's power to save in this place.

Flash forward to about age 38.  I had been married and divorced, and the Lord had joined me to a church fellowship.  I was drawing closer to God as "Abba" in my life, and it seemed things were going well.  That's when the Lord approached me.  I can still see myself sitting in my car at home when He said to me,
"Sharon, you must mourn the loss of relationship with your earthly father."
I'm not proud, folks... I remember getting totally defensive with God in pert reply, saying -
"What relationship?  What are You talking about, Lord?  I don't have a relationship with the man... I never had a relationship with him!"
The tone of my voice rose like a siren in just those few words, and I suddenly felt bulging heat and redness in my face.  The Lord had pushed the "father button" and, wooh!... I was mad.  Not just angry - mad - you know what I mean?  And I hadn't even realized I was carrying that around with me, so high in my throat, but Abba knew it.  He saw my subconscious choking it back every day, and He knew it was time to deal with it.  I continued squawking.
"How can You say I need to mourn the loss of a relationship I never had?"
God said, 
"That's just it, beloved.  You never experienced the joy of bonding with an earthly father and now - with the choices he's made - you can never be bonded with him.  So you must mourn the loss of that which can never be realized, so I can replace him in your heart and emotions, and you can bond with Me."
In a way, I still wasn't buying it... I mean, in a willing way.  I wanted to bond with Abba all right, but I didn't want to "mourn" for my earthly father because I didn't think he deserved it... I didn't want to honor him in that way; I still was so very angry and hurt about him, and Abba put His finger right on the infected wound.  Then it got worse.
"Three days you must grieve for him," Abba said, "and I will heal and deliver your soul in the process."
Honestly, I was appalled at the thought of my earthly father getting THREE DAYS of my tears and grief over a relationship that meant nothing to him from beginning to end, and those beliefs pricked the struggle in my emotions.  To top it off, when I spoke to a pastor friend about all this, she agreed with Abba - so, for a while, I was angry at her, too!

"You've experienced a death, hun," she said.  "Every 'end' of relationship is a death, and deaths must be mourned."  God forgive me, but I wanted to smack her through the phone. Wasn't anybody feeling me through this thing? You know, agreeing with my side of it? This wasn't Sharon at her best, y'all.  I was being exposed all over the place, and my flesh wasn't coming quietly.  But the Godhead knew They'd built trust in me to the point where I wouldn't abandon Their work at this critical juncture - so the hurting little girl in me had been removed from her "safe" place, and the thorns and thistles surrounding her were dismantled by Abba and thrust into His fire.  

The sad truth was that, although I'd been crying out for healing in that ruptured area of relationship, the very thing I was crying out for I'd been too angry to receive!  Although inside I felt myself breaking because of my love for God and true desire to obey Him, I launched one more offensive against the strength of His request.

I remember flailing through my house like a silly woman, declaring over and over to the Lord that I was "all right".
"I'm fine," I said to God, "I don't need any healing here - I'm doing fine!  I'm in a great ministry, I'm fellowshipping with You every day, I'm getting 'words' for people, I've got a good job... I'm fine, God... I'm fine!"
It was then that Abba opened my eyes to glimpse Holy Spirit's face.  Immediately, I perceived His deep sorrow for the pain coursing through me.  His eyes pierced my heart such that I couldn't withstand His reply of three simple words in answer to my tirade of, "I'm fine!"  At nearly a whisper, He tenderly said,
"No, you're not."
The warm truth of His words splashed over my pitiful state and thawed my frosty heart.  I didn't fight anymore.  I yielded to God's sincere and steadfast longing for my freedom; I knew that's what it was, and finally I saw that my anger only stood in the way of freedom ushering me into new levels of His Brightness.

So I cried.  I cried and mourned for three days as the Lord affixed His heart to mine.  He drained the anger and hurt I'd felt toward my earthly father and put me in a place of forgiveness and clearer thinking in that deliverance's first wave.  Through the years, many more waves have followed as I've been able to receive, and many spiritual "surgeries" have brought me to the place where good memories of my earthly father stay with me, and bad memories I give to God.  I let Him do the sorting, and I've chosen to forgive the man because God has cleansed me in this place, not just because I'll never see him again.

My friends, God alone is mighty to save in all your wounded places.  I know He can do it for you, because He did it for me. 

Let's pray...

[Merciful Father, by Your power, please appropriate the truth of every word of testimony gone forth here today to the hearts, minds, and emotions of all those desiring Your healing and cleansing of their deepest wounds so that they can put their trust in Your strength and ability to carry them through victoriously, in Jesus' Name.  Amen.]

With Loving Trust in Him,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision

Knowing and 'Wearing' Our True Worth

Hi, all!  Welcome to another post in the "Beyond the Veil" series, where I share the life-changing experiences in vision the Father has given me as a Seer in His Realm.  Every week He selects what is to be shared, and my heart was particularly pressed this time to relay the enormous value and worth He places on all of us as His children.  He's such a marvelous mush!  In Jesus' Name, enjoy!  

I love the Encourager God is.  Our true sense of value and worth mean the world to Him.

As the Crystal Lewis song says,
"Remember who you are in Jesus.  He sees you as His own; it pleases Him to know that you remember who you are."

God has gently pressed that truth to my heart over the years by visually incorporating within my being our vast importance to His Kingdom's works.  In 2008, I got a glimpse of how each of our heart connections to Abba appear in His Realm.  It was breathtaking. Moreover, this experience with Holy Spirit and God's holy angels made even more of an encourager out of me.  Dear ones, indeed, we are the "light of the world".

At one time in life, however, I did used to wonder how I could maintain an honest, balanced humility in Christ and wear my identity as a princess and queen in God's Kingdom simultaneously.  I asked the Lord about the hideous downfall of Lucifer due to pride in his own appearance and giftings.  (I'd stared at the few verses of scripture on it and pretty much shuddered inside because of the struggles I'd had in using pride as a "protection".)  Basically, my question to Daddy was,

Father, how can I walk in and "wear" the myriad blessings and holy designations You've granted me as Your child, without succumbing to pride as Lucifer did? 

As always, God met my trembling inquiry with His fearless mercy - I love Him for that.
In the gentlest, most uncondemning tone He answered,
"By walking in Thanksgiving.  Ask Holy Spirit to cause you to walk in My gratitude, and you will never be fodder to pride.  My thanksgiving, in and of itself, recognizes Me as "total Source and Supply" of everything good and perfect in your life.  Thanksgiving bows the knee to Me and My goodness as Source, eternally, and it will secure you in all things holy, in My Name.  Its truth will be your shield and buckler against pride, beloved."
His words literally ignited my soul in hope and joy; I felt like I had been shot out of a cannon.  All I could do was praise...

HALLELUJAH!  Who is like unto our God Who knows the thoughts and intents of the hearts of His children, continually, and understands each and every frame of the poetry of our lives, as well as our DEEP desire to please Him?!  He is the God Who knows and understands all things; He is our Remedy forever, and I bless His Holy Name!  Thank You, Jesus for that which You have imparted to us, and bestowed upon us, and gifted us in by Your Power; for You alone are the Source in Righteousness and Holiness in God our Father, forever.

Praise to the Father, Praise to the Son, Praise to the Spirit - the Three in One!

Saints, in Christ, we have tremendous worth and value.  If you belong to Him, never view yourself in any manner other than His.  Daddy doesn't just have truth, He IS truth! Always remember that and - in thanksgiving and truth - boldly wear your identity as His child and as a citizen of Heaven; for God, Who is greater than all, says of you in 1 Peter 2:9-10:
"But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a Holy Nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him Who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; who once were not a people, but are now the people of God; who had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy." 
May Daddy bond His truth to your hearts as you read.

God’s Vision to me of:
Imparted by Holy Spirit on Tuesday, March 4, 2008
(Copyright © 2008, Sharon Joy Gramling, JSM)

As I bowed down in worship in my bedroom, Angel Gideon walked over to me and touched me on the left shoulder.  I looked up and saw him, and he pointed toward the ceiling of my room. (Angel Gideon is a four-faced Cherub God has assigned to my life.  He is shining, sun-bright white, framed in gold luminescence.)  He had armor on and, in the spirit, took me up through my bedroom ceiling and through the roof of the house, up above most of the trees in the neighborhood and next to the tops of the two Whispering Pines in my front yard.

Though we faced southwest, I could see as he could see, in all four directions around me, but my eyes were drawn to the expanse near the Pennsylvania border downtown, because there were particularly bright lights there standing out in the horizon.  There were lights behind me, too, but especially towards the southwest the lights were numerous, big, and bright.  Angel Gideon said, “It’s the places where people like you are; those who Love the Father with a whole heart.”

I could see several of the Redeemed of God bowing down before Him in worship within their homes in the midst of the intense light that surrounded and emanated from them. In the expanse of the vision they looked like bright stars, and their hearts (which I could see across the miles) were the ‘center’ of their illumination before the Father.

While aloft with Angel Gideon, I saw myself below, and my guardian angels were helping other angels place feathers around the sides and arms of my body.  Angel Gideon explained that those angels with feathers (which include the Cherubim) desire to give of their feathers to the Redeemed to help maintain them in JOY.  I was very touched by their kindness but, before I could comment, my attention was back in the sky as my eyes were opened to see Holy Spirit with us.

At the same time I realized the presence of Holy Spirit, I heard the breath of Abba, and the ‘noise’ of His breath sounded like a surging, baritone, moan (God revealed to my Pastor that it was the sound of His ‘deep travail’).   I could hear Abba’s Voice and Command simultaneously within His breath, and from the breath came color... first pink billowing mist, then purple.  It was within the pink billows that I saw the hands of Jesus reaching forth to His beloved and setting them apart from the world.

“They have yielded their will,” Holy Spirit said, “now His Hands will guide them. His Hands will continually guide them, and His breath will empower them to continually surge through.”  (Holy Spirit is the Breath.)

The Purple mist took over after the pink, and His moans continued speaking... “That they might know who they are in Me; that they might ‘stand’ all the day.  That they might WITHstand.”

God told me that He breathes over us every day to keep us going.[1]  He doesn’t miss one day, and it is His pleasure to do so.  He doesn’t miss a day, not even when we sin, for it is His kindness in imparting His Breath and Life that leads us ‘back’ to Him. Amen.

“... upholding all things by the word (voice) of His power...” (Heb. 1:3)

By His word and His blood He maintains His beloved in holiness and Godly designation in His Realm.

"God's goodness leads us to repentance.  (Romans 2:4).


Merciful Father, thank You for saving us and elevating us in blessing to be called the sons and daughters of God!  Thank You for breaking the snare of the fowler in our lives and literally snatching us out of the hands of the enemy, in Jesus' Name.  Amen.

Persevering in His Love through the end,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Lynette...

About two years after my mother passed over, I remember praying to Daddy and telling Him that, if I were to be married, I would not have anyone to stand up for me as a bride's maid or matron of honor because I literally had no siblings left serving Him (God willing, I'll tell that story in another post).  I cried over that sad truth until God intervened and gave me my best friend, Lynette.

This woman has the gift of helps, the gift of mega-giving, and the awesome, awesome gift of super-dooper administration.  No kidding.

Lynette is the kind of person who will over-pay a bill for you... I mean, like, waaay over-pay.  Just recently, in fact, I asked if she would loan me $67.00 to pay a portion of my cell phone tab until later in the month when I'd have the money to cover it (the total bill was $133.00).   She cheerfully said she would, and I was relieved.   About 30 minutes later, the phone company sent me their usual confirmation text message that they'd actually been paid $300.00!  Lynette had paid my cell phone bill through, like, February 2013!

Oh, how I want a heart of giving like that!  Now that's the Heart of Jesus.

The Best of
She is a constant lesson in stewardship and maturity for me and not just because she's a remarkable tither and is fabulous with finances.  She cooks meals and does my dishes and takes out my garbage so I can dedicate my time to God's ministry assignments, including this blog. Lynette is a gift that keeps on giving.

But the best part for me is that she and I totally hit it off emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (and I cover that truth with the Blood of Jesus).  We are knit at the soul like David and Jonathan, and I was even Godmother to her two (now grown) daughters.  Through the years we've chosen to serve God together and to seek His best for the continuity and growth of our friendship, and here's the kicker...

About two years ago, I asked Daddy to please explain the extreme, loving closeness of our friendship and how it is that our camaraderie seems only to be growing in places of thought, opinion, and even finishing each other's sentences.  In the spirit I could almost feel God smiling when He told me she and I are spiritual twins!  And then He said, "I breathed your spirits out together, and you both came from My loins at the same time.  I separated you, sent you to earth and determined that you would meet and be together again as redeemed persons coming back to Me victoriously."

Did you hear that?!  HOW AWESOME IS OUR GOD?!  He heard the cry of this hurting little girl who'd lost most of her family and sent her the very likeness of His Heart in friendship in the form of Lynette.  Bless His Holy, compassionate Name... 

I dare you to ask God for the purpose and meaning behind the wonderful people and things He places into your life!  Saints, He doesn't want to keep things from you... He's a GIVER, not a hoarder of secrets.  When we are ready to receive the meaning and revelation of these magnificent things, He will reveal them to us.  (1 Cor. 2:9-10; Col. 1:9-10).  He wants us to know His will and plan.  Hallelujah!

God told me that He brought Lynette into my life as a "gift" - the gift of a friend and confidante I had lost in a mother, and the gift of a bright and light and lively heart to keep me from shutting myself in and away from the world and growing cold to His outstretched hand of love because of my grief.  He was so right - Christ has brought all of those things to me through her friendship.  I didn't wax cold; in truth, I'm a downright people person!  =0)  But it was God and His mercy that processed and prospered me that way.

I'm half Native American, and I often tease Lynette that, when we first met, she got her tribal name through her intensely vibrant outstretched hand of hospitality.  Once she really began to like me  ;0)  every evening she'd call my house like clockwork and say, "Hi! Do you want to come up for dinner?"  It was a nice enough thing for her to do for a still-grieving, grumpy-gus like me - but it got monotonous.  I mean, every single day after work (by the way, we met at work and we carpooled each day) she'd call my house at dinner time and say, "Hi, do you want to come up...?"  She'd say this in the same way  e v e r y  time...  so her tribal name became Princess Wanna-come-up.  Sounds like a river or something, doesn't it?  The Wanna-come-up River's flooding today... um - well, anyhow, I digress.

Persistence pays off, my friends.  For even though I was scared to death of her at first because I knew we'd hit it off, and I didn't want to be friends with anyone at that time or let anyone into my heart again after my mother had passed for fear of losing them, God's way and plan prevailed in my life.  Thank You, Jesus.   For weeks, I went up to her house every night and had dinner.

The rest is heartfelt history.  We've been knit together by God's power nearly 18 years.  We minister together, and our friendship is also a living, breathing testimony of Daddy's power over racial boundaries, for we are all one in Christ Jesus.

Here we are.  Uh, she's the tall blonde...  ;0)

Folks, if you've got a bosom friend who's come to you directly from Daddy's hand, I'd be glad to know about it.  But better yet, in this holy season of giving, let them know what a gift they've been to your life by expressing your love and gratitude to them for their obedience to God.  (Lynette says I bless her, too, and I certainly hope so.)

To my best friend, spiritual twin sister, prayer partner, and an awesome example in Christ I say...

Lynette, your love to me is wonderful.  You are worth more than seven sisters, beloved.
God bless you.  Thank you.  I love you.

Smiling in Jesus,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)