Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Daughter's Adoration

Little girls are very observant - especially of those they adore.

When a daughter adores her father, for instance, she watches him all the time and takes note of his tendencies, smallest to greatest. 

I'm a lover of old movies, and the 1962 screen adaptation of Harper Lee's novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird" - starring Gregory Peck as southern attorney Atticus Finch - is one of my very favorite.

A realistically gripping tale, (exploring such themes as racial injustice, integrity in the legal profession, loss of innocence, and several others) most scenes in the film are highly engaging but, head-and-shoulders above all of them for me, is the simple exchange that takes place in a bedtime scene at the Finch homestead, where viewers are graced to witness the utter adoration of six-year-old Scout Finch for her honest, gentle, protective father.  Every time I view the scene it impacts my emotions with its treatment of the trust and ease of friendship between the two.  

The Best of
In particular, during that sweet scene, Scout politely asks Atticus if she can see his pocket watch - an object of apparent importance to her.  As he renders the timepiece to her temporary care, Scout smiles sweetly... and I know what's satisfying her.  Even though she is only six years old this comfortable, satisfied look shapes her face as she readily receives from him the one tangible thing he carries beneath his heart, closest to him, every day.  He relies on it and imparts to its metallic shell the masculine fragrance of shaving cream clinging to the palms of his hands.  Hourly, he calmly seeks its reference, and Scout realizes, intuitively, it is precious to Atticus - almost part of him; so that's what she wants to hold.

I collect pocket watches in fond remembrance of that marvelous scene, because it reminds me of my relationship with Daddy.

Father God kisses me goodnight, and I feel like a child.  Like an adoring, observant daughter I behold His handsome face, inhale His fragrance, and rapturously admire his strength.  I ask to see Jesus - the One He holds in His heart - so that I can know more and more of He Who Abba Himself designates as my eternally precious friend and point of reference throughout any day, forever.  Christ is precious to my Abba - indeed, a part of Him.  And that's Who I want to hold. My Divine Husband delights my Father; my Divine Husband carries my Father's fragrance; so my Divine Husband is of eternal importance to me.

If it weren't for Jesus' shed blood sacrifice, I would never have the right to intimate relationship with Abba.  Lord Jesus, I thank You.  I can't imagine not being able to crawl into Abba's arms at any time of day and bare all in my heart and soul, mind and spirit to Him.  I can no longer fathom living without the ecstasy of Abba's Presence, His caressing gaze, tender voice, and the warmth in fulfillment I realize and relish every time Holy Spirit aligns my heart to His in Peace which, indeed, passes all human understanding.

Because of the Blood of Jesus, Abba gives me all that I desire of His fullness in fragrance and power each time we meet.  Christ's blood sacrifice was Abba's idea because it is His tenderhearted, utmost desire, purpose, and plan that  all the precious lives upon earth come to truly know that intimate relationship is possible with the God of the Universe.

To this truth, I am a living witness.  The "Way" to satisfaction has been discovered, and it is my sincere and heartfelt desire to "do always those things which please Him."

How about you?

What Abba does for one, He will do for all who are willing to know Him in this place.  Step forward.  Taste and see.  Is knowing Him intimately truly your desire?  Then, please, let me pray for you...

[Merciful Father, I come to You in the Name of Jesus, submitting my will to Yours and asking for a deeper, more intimate relationship with You.  In Christ's Name I ask that - by Your Spirit's Power - You will fill me with Your hunger and thirst for the deeper things of You, and with Your desire to approach Your Throne earnestly, boldly, and regularly to receive them.  Lord, I believe that only You can truly fulfill my heart and life, and I ask that - from this day forward as I come into Your Presence - Holy Spirit will enable me to express my true heart to You and receive Your Heart for me.  In Jesus' Name.  Amen.]

Dear ones, I thank God for the privilege to pray for you and share my heart with you.

Smiling in Jesus,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)