Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision

New Weekly Feature of "Daddy's Girl"

The experiences Abba has granted me in His Realm are sacred, life-changing, and miraculous.  They are not the focus of our relationship, but they certainly have illumined my deepening knowledge of His Heart and my intimacy with the Godhead.

Lord willing, every Thursday in this blog we will venture "Beyond the Veil" to share the precious encounters I've had with Daddy over my years of growth as a seer and in my challenging walk with Him.

Those who've read my two books* will recognize many of the visions shared here - including this excerpt from "Book of Visions II" that I'm sharing today to launch this weekly post.  But I pray those who previously have not read the following account will allow this special glimpse of our loving Father to stoke your hunger and thirst for greater knowledge of His heart.  For as His heart is revealed, so is the staggering power of His Spirit!  Amen.

God’s Vision to me of:

(Excerpted from "Book of Visions II" Copyright ©2009 - Sharon Joy Gramling, JSM)

During corporate worship, God showed me the pleasure His Heart derives
from the worship of His saints.  

"As God the Father sat enthroned surrounded by His worshiping Children, rings of pleasure burst in succession like ocean waves from His belly, wrapped around Him like rings of Saturn, and rose higher and higher over His mighty countenance to the top of His head, radiating His pleasure and deep Love of His Children.  As they rejoiced, the Redeemed climbed high upon the rings of Abba’s delight and were upheld by them as they ascended to the heights of His Majestic head and face.  The brightness of earth’s sun was woefully eclipsed by the dazzling corona of the Father’s immense delight and the pleasure pulsating from His magnificent form in rolling waves.  Hallelujah!!!  My eyes beheld the Holy One’s embrace of us through the utterance of His Breath of Life in continual sighs that shook the atmosphere as He turned His head slowly, east-to-west and west-to-east, ardently inhaling the praise of His Children and exuberantly exhaling His Essence upon them in atomized bursts saturated with Life and Fragrance!
Glory! Glory! Glory!  Higher and higher the rings of His Good Pleasure rose in different colors – mint green and pink and white.   The Saints who were enabled to withstand the gloriously consuming, booming blasts of brightness at His head actually ‘became’ part of the white ring of holiness and purity in intensity and strength. . . some fell harmlessly from ring-to-ring and were lifted up again and again in euphorically close proximity to His enormous, glowing frame and flew higher and higher upon every quake of God’s emotion, drenched in the paternal waves of His astounding beauty, Love, and deep satisfaction in His Saints, Beloved and Blessed of God!  AMEN!!!"

God bless you, beloved.  Lord willing, "see" you at Saturday's regular blog!

Smiling in Jesus,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)

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