Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision


Thank you so much for joining me once again as I share one of the startling, life-changing encounters in vision given to me in 2008 by Abba - my Daddy.  This encounter changed my entire perception of the River of Life recorded in scripture, which John saw coming out from the Father's Throne.  Enjoy!

“He that believes on Me, as the scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”
-- John 7:38

 (Imparted to  Sharon J. Gramling, JSM - Copyright © 2008)

During a Throne Room experience, Holy Spirit enabled me to view Abba’s Majestic Presence from the vantage point of the River of Life.  Looking while hovering above the River, I could see the exact description given by the Apostle John of the River seeming to flow out from beneath God’s Throne.  The Tree of Life was thriving along both banks beside it; beautiful.

However, something even more beautiful, even more magnificent was shown to me thereafter, as Holy Spirit lifted me closer to God’s Throne.  I was taken to the left side of the Throne and set down upon the Sea of Glass (which is actually deep, white light emanating from Abba and scattered thickly and gorgeously about the Throne Room floor like sparkling, jeweled mist).  From there I saw in vision the portion of the Throne which held Abba’s seated form; His waist and legs and knees and feet.  As I looked, I could still see and softly hear the waters of the River of Life continually flowing as it was when I was in front of Him; only this time I saw something more by His Spirit.  Indeed, Holy Spirit enabled me to view the SOURCE of those living, life-giving waters… they proceeded, literally, from Abba Himself - from out of His own belly I saw waters upon spectacular blue-green waters gushing out, rushing out from the very Body of the Father, from beneath His rib cage all the way to His loins and upper thighs, the waters flowed and flowed relentlessly in mighty, fragrant, powerful, life-giving, purposeful, ordered streams from His Heart of Love upon all of His Creation, upon the earth, and upon all the children of God who covered that place in Paradise and in Glory!  

Hallelujah!  I knew that those same waters are what flow up through us every time we believe in Him, reach out to Him, and call upon His name and trust Him and praise Him as Resource and Power for our daily living and Source upon the earth.  Abba seemed pleased as His heart was conveyed to me through Holy Spirit as I beheld Him in Power as Source, Healer, and One and Only Giver of Life to the Universe and everything in existence.

Then, at once, the Father changed position upon the Throne; He simply shifted His hips in positioning as He gazed out at His children basking themselves in His Life-giving Light and bathing in the waters of the River of Life.  But that slight, momentary movement of His Body sent a teeming tidal wave of bright, sparkling waters S-P-L-A-S-H-I-N-G down the lane of liquid sustenance, crashing along its shores, covering the grateful redeemed who sat there and emitting the intoxicating fragrance of fellowship, healing, and unconditional Love in forgiveness among the masses at the River’s edge.  I saw those waters HEAP over them and move to others in the rhythm and pulse of Abba’s generous, unending will and ardent desires for them.  I was smitten by His Power and the way the waters overtook them and blessed them.  I was arrested by thoughts of Love emanating from Abba’s Throne, as with every minute He concentrated on His Beloved and how He could nourish them with His Goodness to excel their growth in Him and add to their utter belief that He is the Savior and Source of Life Eternal for all of humanity and all who exist in His Presence forevermore.  The waters splashed over their bodies and left His fragrance of Love on their limbs and in their orifices as, in accordance with the Father’s will and pleasure, the River rolled on.  Amen!

It makes such sense that the waters of the River of Life come directly from Abba's body.  He is amazing and unending in His Love and Provision for us.  God bless you for reading and, may the power of He Who Alone is Our Source and Strength FOREVER be appropriated unto you and yours in just the ways you need most.  In Christ's Name, Amen.

Smiling widely in Jesus,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)