Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Daddy's Definition of "Glory"

To Daddy's Heart, the word "Glory" is more of a noun than a verb.  When it comes to relationship with His children, God's foremost interest in Glory is not in receiving our praise.

Yep, you heard me.

During a prayer conference, ministry team members had opportunity to share testimony, and one of the things the Lord put on my heart to share concerned the "Essence of His Glory"... a truly awesome reality.   What makes it most awesome to me is that, while praising the Lord is a powerful, pleasurable act of obedience and warfare against demonic hordes to benefit the entire Body of Christ, that side of it is not what fuels Abba's jets - it does not fully portray the "essence" of His Heart toward us.

Guessed yet where I'm headed with this? If you were at that prayer conference, you already know.

The Lord taught me the touching truth about His Heart in this verse from Isaiah 42:8 which reads,
"I Am the Lord, that is My Name; and My Glory will I not give to another, neither My praise to graven images."
Upon first reading the verse, I didn't fully understand God's meaning.  I just figured He was asserting His splendid Authority, and He wanted to make sure everyone knows HE knows Who He is and what He rightfully deserves.  While all that is true... still, it's not the true essence of the verse as defined by Abba's Heart.  THIS is:
I Am the Lord, that is My Name; and the sacred place of intimacy I designed and created for singular fellowship with My children I will not abdicate to another; neither will I give the precious means of accessing it into the cold, dead hands of graven images.
Isn't that delicious?!

Abba told me to always look at that verse in those terms and, from that time to this, I do.

Other than Their relationship to each other, the Godhead prize NOTHING more than Their union with us!  Did you hear that??  The Lord once told me that love is not love unless it is sacrificial.  Well, listen to the Heart of God in this thing... He's more concerned about the preservation of His special place of unity with His beloved - where He can bring Heaven down to earth and establish His Holy habitation within our hearts - than He is about getting His props!

Please don't misunderstand me - 

Praising God strengthens and empowers us, encourages us, and wards off the fiery darts of the enemy.  But Father God prizes praise most as the powerful means by which His kids can enter into His Glory and come to know Him in the place of tenderness and intimacy and cuddly-cozy fellowship with the Godhead that He established and relished as "only ours with Him" before the foundation of the world!  Therein is the literal beating of His Heart, my friends.  Amen.

So when we "glorify the Lord", we are pointing others to His Heart.
When we "glory in Him" we are meeting with Him in intimacy, enjoying His Heart.
Glory = Intimacy with God.
Christ Jesus is the "King of Glory".  HE IS THE KING OF INTIMACY WITH GOD.

Make that your new definition of the word in terms of Abba's true desires for us.  Who other than the Lord God Almighty, King and Master of all of existence would humble Himself to reveal the loving kindness of His Heart and the tenderness that resides in all of His being toward us who He formed from the dust of the ground?

What kind of magnificent Heart are we dealing with here?  Saints, do you know who God REALLY is?  He's not the bitter taskmaster the enemy makes Him out to be... no! Far from it!  Rather, He is faithful, gentle, sentimental, and kind.  He is softhearted and full of love and laughter and concern for His Beloved.  He is ticklish and wonderful and PASSIONATE beyond all measure for the love of His Bride, and He seeks after her without arrogance or pride that He might woo and win her heart to His with cords of love and gracefully, lovingly, tender her to His side for all eternity to be ADORED AND PRIZED by the Godhead as precious and holy.

It's barely scratching the surface, dear ones, but THAT'S WHO GOD IS!!!  That's Who He wants to be for/to each and every one of us.

If you haven't already, won't you give Him a chance to envelop your heart in His?  That's how Holy Spirit won me to God's Heart... simply by honest, loving entreaty saying, "Just give Him a chance; just try Him and see - see if He will keep His word to your heart."  And I did that; I gave God a genuine opportunity to prove Himself to me without battling fear or doubt on my part... and He did.

The Sacred Lord will do the same for you, my friends, for He longs to wrap His Glory around you.  Are you willing?

If so, let's pray:

[Merciful Father, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ - the King of Glory - we come to You surrendering our hearts, minds, and emotions that You might open our understanding to receive Your true definition and desire for relationship with You in Your Realm of Glory. Father, we believe that Your Heart is ever pointed toward us in expression of Your eternal sacrificial love, and we love You, too.  Dear God, please give us what we stand in need of so we can meet with You in the Holy Place of Glory that You have preserved for us from before the foundation of earth.  We want You.  We believe You.  We receive You and Your supernatural impartation to us of obedience in the hunger and thirst of desire to meet with You regularly in the secret place - the place of Your Glory and of our glory in You, in Jesus' Name.  Amen.] 

Truly, our God is an awesome and loving, tenderhearted God.

Daddy's blessing on you all,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)