Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Need Grieve No More

It's not necessary to go through life carrying grief over losing loved ones.

Grieving has its place... there is a time to mourn, the Bible says.  However, although you never stop loving one separated from you by death, you can stop grieving for them.  Through Christ, you can.

"Missing" them and grieving over them are two different things, and the Lord can completely remove your grief; of this I am a living witness.

As of this past spring, my mom has been in Heaven 20 years.  I grieved off and on for her for about half that time, and then I spent a couple of years really thanking the Lord for her life and for the truth that her 'passing over' opened a door to me for closer relationship with Abba than ever.  Then, on the 14th year after her passing, I was allowed to visit her in Heaven.

Yes, in Heaven.

Although that monumental occurrence in my life is not the focus of today's post, the impact of it is, in terms of God's mercy and His true heart's desire to completely heal our grief.

Oh, like some, I had seen my mother very briefly in a dream a few weeks after she left earth when my grief over her reached its height, and that snippet enabled me to persevere long enough to see the next phase of God's plan for me.  But the miraculous "visit", to which I've referred, happened 14 years later after the Lord gently refocused my eyes to see Him alone as "Source".  I've now enjoyed several subsequent visits over the last six years. 

(I should note that, prior to His refocusing me, I had put my mother on the pedestal of "source" for all things Godly.  Wrongfully, it was something I did to her because I knew she heard Abba's voice and was used prophetically by Him.)

After that initial visit to see my mom, God told me that for 14 years I had been processed emotionally by Holy Spirit to the place where seeing her again was not my foremost goal for going to Heaven when I die.  I grieved tremendously over her loss, so delivering me from that goal was an enormous triumph for the Godhead.  It took my total submission and obedience to Their word, will, and directives over my life without the knowledge of what They intended to grant me in the end.  I had no idea I truly could ever actually see her and be with her again outside of going to Heaven at death.

Anyway, through growing intimacy with Him, God brought me to the place where I wanted HIM more than anything or anyone in existence.  I had finally come to the place I now enjoy more than anything in my life...  Abba's bosom; and that's a place, beloved, where everything else is simply gravy and icing!  GOD is our Total Source.  Hallelujah!  El Shaddai is His Name, and it's not His Name for nothing!

He has filled every place in me of mourning for my mother, and I do not grieve her passing any longer.  That's not something I've surmised - it's what He's told me.  Amen!  As scripture declares, it is the Lord's doing, and it is MARVELOUS in our eyes!

So how did I overcome the inordinate continuity of grief?  By coming in to the Lord daily.  "Coming in" to Him?  Yes.  It's a term He uses that simply means spending deliberate, regular time with Him in absolute intimacy.  By that I mean, not sitting before Him reading the scriptures or interceding for anyone... but entering the room where we meet and dancing  and singing before Him with ALL OF MY MIGHT, then soaking to music of His selection while focusing solely on Him.  ("Soaking" is laying out before Him and allowing His Spirit to come upon me as He desires.)  Sometimes there are no CDs playing - just my voice lifted in a tender, love-drenched melody of spontaneous adoration of Him, which is fully directed by Holy Spirit.  During this time I listen for His voice of love towards me, and I answer Him in kind.  He asks how I feel about each of the Godhead, how I feel about His commissioning of me, and always always cleansing tears of intense love and understanding flow.  His tears wash me, and my tears bless Him.  Tears of LOVE for the Godhead are beautiful and cleansing in transformation and holiness.  That's what I mean by "coming in" to Him by His definition.  And always afterward, I get a word from Him on the whole of our time together and on what His heart's desire is for me.  There's nothing better than that time with Him.  Nothing.

I spend time with my beloved as I would with my earthly husband; in privacy, love, and release.  In intimacy as with no other.  That's what the Lord has asked of me.  That's what healed me of grieving for my mother to the point of not wanting to live.  That's what delivered me of my misguided idolization of her; she neither sought nor asked that of me.

If you trust Him and keep saying "yes" to His invitations, during your exposure to the Godhead in intimacy, He will heal you completely of your grieving by lifting it from you gently and putting Himself in its place.  He will fill your emptiness with His Light and Life and Thanksgiving and Gladness.  He will soothe you with His balms and tender oils - Christ IS the Balm to heal the grief-stricken soul.

Saints, intimate time with God is the singular delight of my life.  As the scriptures say, indeed, in His Presence IS fullness of JOY; at His Right Hand ARE pleasures forevermore.

Now, may God impart to you His courage to hunger and thirst for Him as I pray...

[Merciful Father, in the Name of Jesus I commend Your sweet Spirit of impartation in healing waters and oils to all those seeking Your face for deliverance from inordinate terms of grieving.  Father, while Your word says there is a time to mourn, the enemy would try to strap a grieving shroud to the hearts and minds of Your children beyond the time designated by You.  It is for those individuals I pray, dear Lord; for I was once one of them.  I know You can heal by Your power in simply calling Your children into Your Divine Presence, daily.  I ask that all who desire healing would come in to You in the understanding that You alone are the Healer of broken, grief-stricken hearts and that, by Your power, You can draw them in to the knowledge of their loved one's true place in their hearts and lives being a JOY to them, and not a burden.  Father, I remand to Your custody everyone reading this, listening to Holy Spirit, and awaiting Your hand of mercy in their lives.  I forbid the enemy any further access to them in these places, and I cover them with Your Blood in Jesus' Mighty Name.  Thank You, Father.  Amen.]

The undying love of the Godhead be with you all, always!

Smiling in Jesus,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)