Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beautiful Feet

I used to hate my feet.

My earthly father (now deceased) did not have a heart for the Lord; my feet resemble his.  My mother lived for Jesus; however, when I was a girl I once heard her say she would never have married him had she seen his feet beforehand.  At the time she truly didn’t realize those words adversely affected me; she was just sharing her emotions like always.

I came to Jesus at age nine, but when my feet became an emotional issue I was the typical, impressionable teenager with all kinds of hang-ups about my appearance.  What’s more, I didn’t want the feet of anyone who didn’t love Christ so, at that fledgling juncture in life, I felt cursed.  Pretty silly, huh?

Abba didn’t think so.

He knew the disdain I held for my feet bled into and poisoned positive opinions of myself.  Ever patient, He waited years to dispel my melancholy by exposing the lie I bought from the enemy that I’d been cursed with ugly, flat feet because I wasn’t truly accepted by God.  In hindsight I can’t believe I fell for that, but I did.

God didn’t hold it against me, though, and when my heart was finally open to Him the way He put His finger on the situation was wise, gentle, and effective.  When I was walking out of my bathroom one day, He asked me to pause in front of the full-length mirror on the door and make a simple declaration.

“Say you love your feet,” He said.

He had to be kidding, I thought.  But He wasn’t; His request was sincere and serious.  I swallowed hard trying to suppress the emotional bile rising in my throat.  I knew He was going to ask me again and, softly, He did.  But I was devoid of emotional armor in that place and burst into tears.  I couldn’t obey Him; I truly couldn’t say those words, and Daddy knew it.  He’d put His finger on the exact area of misconception and pain He desired to deliver and very simply exposed the lie I’d believed all those years.  The truth He shared to salve and heal the wound in me, I’ll never forget.
“I wanted your father’s feet to praise Me,” He said.  “But he decided against Me and My faithfulness, never wanting to obey Me in the things of My destiny for him.  But I knew when I formed you that you would not betray Me in the things I asked of you... so I gave you these feet that you might keep My form and gifting in the plan I’ve had for you and your bloodline.  I knew you would dance before Me with these feet which are the work of My hands.”
The truth of God’s hopeful plan nearly broke me in two.  He said,
“You have beautiful feet, because they serve Me.”
I dropped to my knees and wept again - but for a completely different reason.  I wept for joy because the enemy’s lie literally had been crushed beneath my feet!  Of course that was the real reason my Daddy gave me these feet!  Of course!  It fit His benevolent Heart so well.  Holy Spirit mingled with the tears meeting under my chin and washed away the flawed, filthy perceptions that blocked the truth until then.

Yet again, saints - God got the victory.  Hallelujah!

I’ve come to know since then that I have been chosen by God to dance before Him in the Holy Place, and He and I have a ball pretty regularly.  My friends, what one generation rejects of His anointing and good pleasure another generation will not, and He knows that.  Scripture says we are not to call unclean what God calls clean, and that truth has many applications.  We are to value everything the Father values, regardless of the thoughts and opinions of others.  The things the world views as “ugly” are often beautifully purposed by the Lord, and He alone is the Creator and Righteous Judge.

How many of you now feel the way I felt about parts of your body?  Your misconceptions - and possibly grief - over such things may sound silly to you but, believe me, it’s not silly to Abba.  He understands.

Daddy is genuinely concerned about you and your viewpoints and questions regarding His selection of you to carry certain specific attributes for His Glory.

If you’re struggling, go to Daddy in your time of prayer and ask Him about it.  He will not chide you, I assure it.  Rather, He will lovingly answer you with the truth about what He’s done or what He’s allowed, and His purpose for it.  God’s utmost desire is to dispel all the lies in our lives and fill the voids with His TRUTH.  If we’ll allow the cleansing, He is Faithful to perform it.

Now I can say, in Truth and Joy... I LOVE MY FEET!

I pray God’s courage upon you to approach Him boldly with your every need, in Jesus’ Name.

Smiling in Jesus,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)