Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision

Hi, all.  This week's installment begins with a question:

How often do you think about Daddy's grief?

In the past, I've had to ask myself the same question.  After all, the JOY of the Lord is our strength, right?  So we probably don't spend too much time contemplating the Godhead's grief over mankind's debauchery, or the heinous fruit it bears.  More concisely, many of us don't consider the utter heartbreak Christ experiences every time a soul is lost forever.

Before God granted me the vision I'm about to share with you, I didn't either.

When I glimpsed the grieving heart of Jesus as He toured a place in Hell that the enemy brags about, I was stunned and appalled... and convicted.  The latter, because I'd figured, once a person goes to Hell, that's it - you stop thinking about them until you forget about them completely.  You figure they got what they deserved, right?  So why should we allow them even a blip on the screen of our memory, let alone an actual second thought, right?

Wrong.  The Godhead don't entirely subscribe to that opinion.  This precious, candid view into the tender heart of Christ changed my callous perception of eternally-lost souls.

While it's true there's nothing anyone - including the Lord - can do for a person once they consign themselves to torment by rejecting Christ, I confess that my attitude regarding Hell's subjects was a kind of spit on the ground, what's done is done hardheartedness, directed only at the wasted life, and not even once considering the deep hole their loss rips into the Heart of God.  I had forgotten that His word says,

"... I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live."  (Ezek. 33:11)

Folks, if God takes no hardhearted posture regarding their loss, neither should we.

Therefore, it is my sorrow and honor to share this vision with you.  Sorrow because of its devastating impact on the Lord; but honor, because it further reveals the fathomless, fierce LOVE of His Heart for all of us.  Whenever a soul irreparably turns his or her back on God's plan and destiny, His hopes are agonizingly dashed.  His Heart is broken, and He mourns them with confounding distress.

As you read, may God guide your heart.

A Vision of Hell:
Imparted by Holy Spirit, 2006
 (Excerpted from "Book of  Visions II" by Sharon Joy Gramling.  Copyright © 2009, JSM)

There is a place in Hell called the Valley of Skulls.  I saw the Lord Jesus walking there.  The road He trod looked[1] dank and reached into Hell’s horizon like a gnarled, emaciated arm with dead, dry hills on either side. 
            Christ walked in the dimly-lit valley with His head hung down in deep sorrow, sobbing so heavily at times that His shoulders shook.
            I saw sheets of tears overspread His light moustache and beard as they glistened on a Holy face turned gaunt by grief.  When He looked up, I saw that He was not flanked left and right by enormous walls of dirt and rock, but by a “mountain” of skulls which dwarfed His height.
            The skulls looked so horrific I was grateful I couldn't actually smell anything of this place (although I had a sense of its stench).  They looked very old and precisely placed.  Clutching moss and fungus transformed mounds of once white bones into rancid yet eternally-decaying shelves of putrid colors:  rotting green, slimy brown, and festering, moldy gray.  By the Spirit I knew the color green I saw had nothing to do with God[2] but was instead a mockery of Him the enemy bragged about.  Indeed, the entire valley was a kind of “trophy” room, but the Lord paid no attention to that.  He was full of grief, yearning, and outcry for the souls of the men and women He’d created who, by their own willful disobedience, had chosen to come here.  Throughout the cursed landscape, their souls’ agonized groaning stabbed His ears.
            Then, as He walked, I saw Him raise His right hand and, pointing upward toward the living earth, He cried: “Come not hither!  Come not hither to the Valley of Skulls!!”  The pleading desperation in His tear-choked outcry ripped open my heart . . .
His head slung down again, and pools of rippling tears spilled onto His chest as - silently and inconsolably - He continued down that long, hopeless path.

            God’s sadness and grief permeated the vision’s atmosphere to a dimension I cannot express or describe.  Holy Spirit tactfully explained that its full magnitude released to even a modest degree would have killed me.

[1] This appearance was to convey to my spirit the depressed emotion of that place, the Lord explained to me.  In reality, there is no true moisture or life-giving substance of any kind in Hell.
[2] True green is ever symbolic of God’s Life, Health, and Healing.  In this place of death this color is meant by the enemy to reflect his complete rebellion against God in jealousy, pride, and twisted, evil intent.

As always, my dear ones, I praise and thank Abba for your kind indulgence.  God bless you.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)