Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision

Some people aren't "huggers", but it's safe to say that I am; I hold my mom responsible for building that in me.  :0)   Seriously, though, I believe she was simply mirroring Abba's character, for Daddy is a family man.

Over the years I've asked several people, "what is the first thing you'd like to do with Christ when you get to Heaven?" I've enjoyed a wealth of positive response to this question, but also I've taken particular note that - without fail - somewhere included in everyone's reply (whether male or female) is the phrase, "hug Him".  How I absolutely agree!

Today's installment of "Beyond the Veil" is very personal and special to me.  It comes from my second book aptly titled, "Book of Visions II", which God allowed me to self-publish and present back in 2009.

This particular encounter marked my heart with how cool God is, because in it He indulged my deep desire to squeeze Him in my arms - no, to squeeze ALL THREE OF THEM - as deeply and lovingly as I could.  God knows everything of our heart's desires, and He never forgets; He longs to satisfy our cravings for Him and our every longing to be "one spirit" with Him (the Bible says that when we're joined to the Lord, that's what happens).

Holy Spirit's conveyance of God's burning Heart of Love for us all is masterfully poured forth in Robert Stearns' prophetic worship album The River 5: Dance With Me, where Abba affectionately assures those seeking hard after Him with these words...
"Just so you know, I wouldn't put this craving for Myself in you if I didn't plan to satisfy it.  So, yes, you're right to seek Me with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind, and all your being. You're right to run after Me."
Then God bares His breast and outstretched arms in fragrant, ardent declaration and promise, saying... 
"I will give you all that you desire... you're the one who decides just how close you get to Me.  It's up to you.  My prayer is that we are one, we are one... do you know what that means?  We - are - one!"
That's the Bridegroom talking, saints!  And I, for one, was listening... listening and longing with all of my heart.  I had dreamt about embracing the Godhead for years prior to this indelibly sanctified moment, and my sentimental, passionate, softhearted Father authored every dream.

Abba knows what it means to the heart of a little child to bask in their father's strong hugs. He also knows what it means to a father to receive his child's tiny arms latched around his neck in trust and love.  Believe me, God lives for that exchange with us.

[It is important to note that God represents Himself to every heart uniquely.  This record reflects the special way He presented the Godhead to me.]

My prayer is that, as you read, you will allow Holy Spirit to open your heart to receive the Lord's warm and powerful, life-changing embrace.  God bless you. 

God’s Vision to me of:
 (Excerpted from Book of Visions II, by Sharon Joy Gramling. Copyright © 2006, JSM)

            During worship in the bedroom of my home, Abba asked me what I would do if He were suddenly standing before me.
            I closed my eyes and I was standing in front of the Lord Jesus in all the ethereal realm of Heaven.  Inside the Father’s body, all is yellow-gold; bright, stunning, fiery yellow-gold, burning with His Presence.
            I stood in front of Jesus, Who was wearing a white robe – electric white so bright it was difficult to withstand, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  I hugged the Lord and He hugged me, and I felt His heat and consuming fire as He enveloped me.
            When He loosened His embrace and faced me, His arms still holding My arms, I looked into His amazing face and saw the Father!  Jesus’ eyes turned from brilliant, topaz-blue to the most amazing infilling of life-giving, life-filled, effervescent, springtime green I had ever beheld, and I knew I was looking at the Sourceful eyes of The Father!  At Abba!!
            The robes once white while Jesus stood there, took on an enrapturingly rich golden hue when I saw Abba and those strong and mighty, yet tender, bright-green, ZoĆ«-filled eyes.  Abba’s hair was dark-brown and short-cropped; different from His Son’s which hung slightly about His shoulders and appeared light-brown.
            The Father radiates strength.  His skin appeared tan and smoothe, and the strength about Him filled me with strength.  As I beheld, all I could do was behold.  It was as though I was riveted to the place where I stood as I realized I was looking at The One Who created me!  (There is no completely adequate describing of Abba on this side of eternity.) It was an awesome sight and moment of dawning, glorious, loving realization as I saw that we were still holding each other.
            Then, a thought crossed my mind quickly, like a blip on a screen, that I might also see Holy Spirit during this vision.  More quickly than my mind hosted the thought, Abba’s eyes turned from that miraculous green to living, orangey-red, then searing white flames.  I knew I was beholding Holy Spirit, and the air and atmosphere all around me was filled with His mint-green gowns in the restoration of my soul.  The ‘wind’ of Him blew those gowns and blew through me – then it began to burn . . . as I recognized and welcomed Him, I cried out to all of them in Love and thanksgiving; His Fire burned through me – starting at my heart, going up through my arms and finishing at my hands – such that I couldn’t move for a while, and I had difficulty seeing through the marvelously strong mist of His Presence in Fire.
            “I want it to BURN through me!” I exclaimed, trying to shout through tears.  “I want it to BURN through me! I want it to B-U-R-N through me!!!”

            I saw heavy mist in my bedroom as I lay on the floor, returned to my body.  I didn’t move for several minutes; I only wept in LOVE and JOY.  Amen.


Forever Daddy's girl,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)