Thursday, December 27, 2012

Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision

God's Special-Assignment Angels

Welcome one and all to another installment of "Beyond the Veil"!

I'm at a friend's home at this writing, and my holiday has been filled, extended, and blessed by their hospitality.  A special shout-out to Evelyn Green and her sweet daughters Antonia and Nikki... I love you all very much.

When Abba gave me permission to share the delightful encounter - well, more like an introduction to one of the special-assignment angels living at my home and sharing life with me in God's realm, I was very grateful.  You know, we believers have special-assignment angels in our lives in addition to the four guardian angels assigned to us from birth.  The Lord revealed the truth of the four guardian angels through Pastor Carl Hahn of Ohio, a man of God with whom many of you may be familiar.  Pastor Hahn literally has been living with and conversing with angels for several years now; our fellowship met him and his dear wife around 2002 and I've learned a great deal from his record of ongoing encounters with his own guardian angels and Holy Spirit.

Knowing these beings are assigned to our lives opens further insight into Daddy's heart for us.  In truth, every time a higher level of commitment and commissioning in God bursts forth in our lives, more and more of His angelic host take their places at our side.  God is awesome, friends, and filled with protective love for all of His children.

May the record of this splendid introduction illuminate and bless your hearts.

God’s Vision to me of:
(Copyright 2006 by Sharon Joy Gramling, JSM)

I met Angel Cleophus[1] . . . a Cherub[2] who has been assigned to me.  Jesus introduced us at a heavenly portal in the living room of my home.
Angel Cleophus dwells in the ethereal, white-golden glow of Heaven.  He appears about 12 feet tall. At the base of his long legs sometimes appear human feet and then calf-like hooves. He is covered in fine (almost faint) brown-and-white feathers, yet he also has arms and hands. He is a four-faced being (I saw that of a female human, a bird, and a lion; I did not see the fourth face at this meeting, but I knew by Holy Spirit it was present).  A golden skirt wraps him from waist to knees, tied at the waist by a thin, gold cord.
Angel Cleophus held out his left hand and bowed to greet me.  When he did, I noted his hand (from thumb to pinkie) is easily the width of a dinner plate; his fingers and nails are iridescent white and gold. The Crest of Heaven is imprinted on a ring on his left ring finger.  When his hand turns at a certain angle, a large letter ‘J’ appears in the center of the Crest.
I asked him why the ring is on his left hand instead of his right.  (Speaking through the face of the Human) he said, “Because I have surrendered my will to Jehovah[3], and I am among the legion of angels answering only to Christ, the Captain of the Lord’s Armies[4].”
The Crest is gold and silver of purity I have never seen before. The metal moves and glows on his hand as if through it he carries the Father with him. It fits to his hand like skin, but is clearly metal on feathered skin.  It is as if the ring knows him; it emanates the truth of Angel Cleophus’ complete surrender of heart to the Father’s Love and ‘ownership’ in a manner I have never before encountered.
(Face of the Bird): “We were given an opportunity heretofore to choose which one we would serve – be it the devil, ourselves, or the Lord.  I chose the Lord God Jehovah and have since come to know my ‘true self’ in Him, as you will come to know your redemptive self through the Lord Jesus Christ Who is also your Lord and Savior.”
A low-to-mid-toned humming sound radiates from Angel Cleophus.
“It is the heartbeat of Heaven,” Holy Spirit said.  “For all angels are possessed of the Father’s Integrity, and integrity is of the heart.”

[1] Pronounced klee-o’-fus.
[2] Ezekiel 10. Cherubim (plural) are very large and powerful, four-faced, angelic beings.
[3] Angel Cleophus pronounced God’s name Yay-ho-vah’.
[4] Joshua 5:13-15.

Smiling in Jesus,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)