Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Lynette...

About two years after my mother passed over, I remember praying to Daddy and telling Him that, if I were to be married, I would not have anyone to stand up for me as a bride's maid or matron of honor because I literally had no siblings left serving Him (God willing, I'll tell that story in another post).  I cried over that sad truth until God intervened and gave me my best friend, Lynette.

This woman has the gift of helps, the gift of mega-giving, and the awesome, awesome gift of super-dooper administration.  No kidding.

Lynette is the kind of person who will over-pay a bill for you... I mean, like, waaay over-pay.  Just recently, in fact, I asked if she would loan me $67.00 to pay a portion of my cell phone tab until later in the month when I'd have the money to cover it (the total bill was $133.00).   She cheerfully said she would, and I was relieved.   About 30 minutes later, the phone company sent me their usual confirmation text message that they'd actually been paid $300.00!  Lynette had paid my cell phone bill through, like, February 2013!

Oh, how I want a heart of giving like that!  Now that's the Heart of Jesus.

The Best of
She is a constant lesson in stewardship and maturity for me and not just because she's a remarkable tither and is fabulous with finances.  She cooks meals and does my dishes and takes out my garbage so I can dedicate my time to God's ministry assignments, including this blog. Lynette is a gift that keeps on giving.

But the best part for me is that she and I totally hit it off emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (and I cover that truth with the Blood of Jesus).  We are knit at the soul like David and Jonathan, and I was even Godmother to her two (now grown) daughters.  Through the years we've chosen to serve God together and to seek His best for the continuity and growth of our friendship, and here's the kicker...

About two years ago, I asked Daddy to please explain the extreme, loving closeness of our friendship and how it is that our camaraderie seems only to be growing in places of thought, opinion, and even finishing each other's sentences.  In the spirit I could almost feel God smiling when He told me she and I are spiritual twins!  And then He said, "I breathed your spirits out together, and you both came from My loins at the same time.  I separated you, sent you to earth and determined that you would meet and be together again as redeemed persons coming back to Me victoriously."

Did you hear that?!  HOW AWESOME IS OUR GOD?!  He heard the cry of this hurting little girl who'd lost most of her family and sent her the very likeness of His Heart in friendship in the form of Lynette.  Bless His Holy, compassionate Name... 

I dare you to ask God for the purpose and meaning behind the wonderful people and things He places into your life!  Saints, He doesn't want to keep things from you... He's a GIVER, not a hoarder of secrets.  When we are ready to receive the meaning and revelation of these magnificent things, He will reveal them to us.  (1 Cor. 2:9-10; Col. 1:9-10).  He wants us to know His will and plan.  Hallelujah!

God told me that He brought Lynette into my life as a "gift" - the gift of a friend and confidante I had lost in a mother, and the gift of a bright and light and lively heart to keep me from shutting myself in and away from the world and growing cold to His outstretched hand of love because of my grief.  He was so right - Christ has brought all of those things to me through her friendship.  I didn't wax cold; in truth, I'm a downright people person!  =0)  But it was God and His mercy that processed and prospered me that way.

I'm half Native American, and I often tease Lynette that, when we first met, she got her tribal name through her intensely vibrant outstretched hand of hospitality.  Once she really began to like me  ;0)  every evening she'd call my house like clockwork and say, "Hi! Do you want to come up for dinner?"  It was a nice enough thing for her to do for a still-grieving, grumpy-gus like me - but it got monotonous.  I mean, every single day after work (by the way, we met at work and we carpooled each day) she'd call my house at dinner time and say, "Hi, do you want to come up...?"  She'd say this in the same way  e v e r y  time...  so her tribal name became Princess Wanna-come-up.  Sounds like a river or something, doesn't it?  The Wanna-come-up River's flooding today... um - well, anyhow, I digress.

Persistence pays off, my friends.  For even though I was scared to death of her at first because I knew we'd hit it off, and I didn't want to be friends with anyone at that time or let anyone into my heart again after my mother had passed for fear of losing them, God's way and plan prevailed in my life.  Thank You, Jesus.   For weeks, I went up to her house every night and had dinner.

The rest is heartfelt history.  We've been knit together by God's power nearly 18 years.  We minister together, and our friendship is also a living, breathing testimony of Daddy's power over racial boundaries, for we are all one in Christ Jesus.

Here we are.  Uh, she's the tall blonde...  ;0)

Folks, if you've got a bosom friend who's come to you directly from Daddy's hand, I'd be glad to know about it.  But better yet, in this holy season of giving, let them know what a gift they've been to your life by expressing your love and gratitude to them for their obedience to God.  (Lynette says I bless her, too, and I certainly hope so.)

To my best friend, spiritual twin sister, prayer partner, and an awesome example in Christ I say...

Lynette, your love to me is wonderful.  You are worth more than seven sisters, beloved.
God bless you.  Thank you.  I love you.

Smiling in Jesus,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)