Sunday, December 16, 2012

Playful and Profound

One afternoon a few years ago, my best friend, Lynette, and I began asking Daddy questions about His creation.

Exploring a stretch of sunny Interstate that day, we had been extolling His virtue like the grateful kids we are, when we struck this really cool vein of spontaneous wonderment and inquiry; you know, the kind of questions usually accompanied by giggles.

While some of the questions we asked Him were actually pretty cool, they didn't hold a candle to His astonishing answers to us in the midst of the road trip.  We enjoyed Holy Spirit's responses so much, in fact, I'm pretty sure I grabbed a pad and pen in the midst of the revelatory session so nothing of impact would leave us.

For example, as our silliness prevailed that afternoon I remember trying to think of a bizarre, "Father, why did You create...?" question, and the first thing that came to mind was a slug.  Yeah, you know, the kind that gross-out us girls, move an inch every two hours, and leave a glow-in-the-dark, sticky trail wherever they go?  I settled in my seat and chuckled out a question to Daddy:

"Father, why did You create this slug thing, and how on earth does it glorify You?"

I sat at the ready for this reply, and clutched my pad and pen as He delineated the marvelous connections of His goodness in forming a creature for which most of us have little regard:

The slug doesn't rush through life as some of My children do, but it regards My way forward with patience and care.  The glowing trail that some in its family leave is My way of saying to humanity, "Here is the way, walk in it", for My way is always illuminated for My saints.  And as for the stickiness of the trail My friend leaves, it is to highlight the truth that those who choose to walk in My path will be held there firmly by the power of My Spirit and even leave an imprint for others. 

Lynette and I weren't laughing any more... we were amazed and, actually, a little convicted because of the contempt in which we'd held those slimy creatures.  Wow!  They, too, have a purpose in God, even if only to be reflective of His desires for humanity.  Wait... even if only?  I thought, what are you talking about, Sharon?  Hello?!  That's also OUR purpose in Him!  We were simultaneously dazzled and repentant.

The next inquiry came from her.  "Father, how are You reflected in the sign, "Bridge Freezes Before Roadway"?  This is what she said He told her:

Without the heat and undergirding of the earth, spans of man-made highway are subject to elements of wind and snow and ice just as my children subject themselves to the enemy's devices when they stretch their paths "above" My foundations and support.  Just as snow and ice can seize the most lofty of bridges - fear, without the grounding and weaponry of My truth - immobilizes the paths the men.

I remember thinking that afternoon, whoa... God is really serious; He really is in everything! Yeah... I know; but the joy of that truth hidden in plain sight elevated our spirits that day.  Sure, I know God knows everything but, you know what, y'all??  HE REALLY KNOWS EVERYTHING!  ;0)

I wax giddy again in the memory of that day... and I'm smiling, mostly because I love it when I feel like the wide-eyed child that I am.  The fascination of finding that, in Abba's being, is every answer to every question holds tremendous security for me, and the humility of that truth fastens my heart's trust even tighter to His.  How I love the Lord!

Okay, one more question and answer.  How many times have we seen a flock of sparrows - sometimes hundreds at once - soaring and swooping in the air's freedom, carving invisible curves and angles above us while each one holds its portion of their dance, maintaining the clear image of its expressive, sharp, synchronized choreography?

I asked Daddy, "How can they do that when there are so many of them flying?  How can they move as one, in razor-sharp timing?"  To my question, Daddy gave one sweetly profound, plainly prophetic reply:

They all keep their eyes on the leader.

What questions have you asked our God and Father about His creation today? Please feel free to share them with me, and we'll joyfully praise His Name!

"O, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His Name together." (Psalm 34:3)                                                                                   
Smiling in Jesus,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)