Sunday, December 9, 2012

This is His Day

Sunday is still meant to be a day of rest.  It is Daddy's Day.

The Lord has revealed to us that 'rest', by His definition, means "total confidence in His abilities on our behalf."  That's an awesome thing - and when Holy Spirit reaches our hearts with the Truth that the Almighty God is in complete control, we are "at rest".

Whenever I enjoy intimacy with Abba during the week, He cleanses me of the poisons of the day, and He lovingly addresses the concerns of my heart.  At other times during the week He graciously hears my prayers for the well-being of others and offers counsel and encouragement to me regarding them.  Further, He anoints me to share the impartation of His hope with them as a holy light and lifeline.  Indeed, our interactions six days of the week are for my edification and cleansing, and the blessing of others.

But when Sunday comes Daddy says,
"Sharon, this day is for Me.  This is My day, not yours."

The first time God said this, before my brow permanently furrowed, Holy Spirit graciously imparted His understanding to my heart:
"The true desire of Abba's Heart," He began, "is that this day be focused on intimacy; not on weekly pursuits or problems, or even interceding for others.  Just you and I this day, Abba says... just you and I and, today, your love will minister to Me."
His words caressed my emotions with the kind of satisfaction a daughter feels when her father earnestly seeks her undivided, loving attention.  Speaking for myself, whenever I truly pause and consider God's amazing faithfulness and powerful love and abilities on my behalf, a portal of deep worship opens from my heart to His, automatically.  It's Holy Spirit, and it's pleasing to God.

Dear ones, certainly, there is nothing wrong with enjoying corporate worship on Sundays in obedience to the command of scripture to assemble ourselves together.  But Daddy wants us also to take deliberate time on His day to come in to His Presence solely for the purpose of loving on Him, without distraction, from the depths of our being.  He looks forward to it.

Intimacy with God throughout the week is primarily for His focus on us; He delights in it.
But intimacy with God on His day - Sunday - is primarily for our focus on HIM.  

Doesn't He deserve it?

Eternally Loving Him,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)