Tuesday, January 29, 2013

His Precious Seed

The truth that I am Abba's real daughter means more to me than anything in the world.
In a word the Lord once said to me,
"It is I from whence you descend..."
I believe He said a host of other wonderful things in that word - but I don't remember one of them to this day.

Several years ago, when God was dealing hot and heavily with my "father" issues, I recall asking Him about the scriptural matter of adoption and where I was supposed to put that in my emotions.  Feeling like a square peg in a round hole, I remember saying -

Lord, about this spirit of adoption - please know my heart in this in that I am not ungrateful that, as a Gentile,  I have been grafted into Your family as Your word says.  Being "adopted" is all well and good - honestly - but deep, deep down you don't really, really, really belong to your adoptive family; you've just been very generously and lovingly "accepted".

My heart ached; and as my query pressed against the failing dam of my emotions, I began to sob and could barely get the next words out.  I lifted my tear-soaked eyes to God and desperately added,

But, God... I NEED TO BELONG somewhere... to someone... for real.  Is it You?  Is it You, Lord?  Are You my TRUE AND ONLY FATHER for real, God?  O, God... please let it be You!

The Best of
That's what I asked of Him.  It's what I begged of Him. Maybe back then I should have known it wasn't necessary for me to beg Him, but I didn't.  I beseeched Him, and I have never been more desperate to know anything else in my life.  The whole adoption thing just wasn't cutting it for me, because I WANTED GOD TO BE MY TRUE AND HONEST-TO-GOODNESS LIVING FATHER, with all rights and privileges of love and affection included.  O, how I longed for that affection!  And did God anger at my question? Did He chide me for my genuine, innocent, ignorance?

Positively not.

As I sat weeping and trembling, with my head practically between my knees, Jesus walked over and sat down on the carpet beside me.  He put His healing arm around me, pulled me close, and buried His head in my neck.  Then He wept with me and willingly received my sorrow at the Father's loving behest.  When my mind cleared, in the spirit I glimpsed the expanse of Abba's chest.  Miles and miles from shoulder to shoulder I saw ethereal garments expand as if inflating upon Him... and I heard His deeeep inhalation.

Still captured in awe by what I saw, I began hearing His breath expel in the heavens high above the view of His chest.  Abba had taken a very deep breath, and was breathing it out into Heaven's atmosphere, when OUT of His mouth and into the air, like a fluffy new sparrow, burst a tiny, translucent-white, spirit.  It descended to Abba like a downy feather floating in slow, gentle zig-zags, and He cupped it tenderly to His breast.  It was lovely.

Afterward, I realized Christ had imparted the vision of my spirit's actual birth from the very breath of Abba!  We're all birthed that way, Saints.  But in my youth and mental pool of rejection and wounding, I had forgotten the Father has declared,
"Behold, all souls are Mine; the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is Mine..." (Ezekiel 18:4a)
Then Daddy said to me,
"I breathed you out from My very loins, beloved.  You are My Seed... Mine alone."
Friends, those were the sweetest words my soul had ever heard.  To me, they are eternal honeycombs of sustaining HOPE, favor, meaning, purpose, and cause.  I get out of bed joyfully each day, Saints, because I AM HIS, forever.  Truly His, and nobody else's!

I always cry when He sweetly refers to me as, "My Seed" because that goes deeper within me than simply, "My daughter", though I love that as well.  With "My Seed" He's claiming me as truly part of His own body... and nothing in existence means more to me than that.

In and of Himself, our God is the one and only, most important meaning of life.  And I also recognize the issue of spiritual adoption as a precious gift that surgically bonds us to the Royal Family of God through Christ's shed Blood. I am unutterably grateful for it.


Give the Godhead a group hug today, folks; They'll never back away.  They'll lean into you, wrap loving arms around you, and press you to Their heart.  They're mushy - each one of Them - and that I dearly love.   :0)

Filling Up on Hugs,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)