Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jealousy's Impact

During my convalescence, I've been thinking about how my emotions react to, treat, and absorb things good and bad.  While nothing delights my spirit like Daddy’s love, nothing confounds me like jealousy.  When that thought crossed my mind I sensed confirmation in my spirit that it should be today’s topic.

Right alongside pride, jealousy is the recurring theme of mankind’s sin against God. When we’re jealous of anyone, we indirectly indict Abba by saying what He’s given us in good gifts and blessings isn’t enough - we should have someone else’s.  That’s ridiculous, mostly because when people say that within themselves, it invariably reveals abysmal shortsightedness in terms of truly knowing how Daddy personally defines them.

If God does all things well (which He does) and God doesn’t make mistakes (which He doesn’t), then I’d say looking past our own puny scope of opinion - based on the tiny pond of human encounters touching our lives - is definitely in order.  It doesn’t matter if we know every human on earth and what they think of us... our sight falls grossly short as long as we don’t know God’s truth.  Welcoming His definitions of us will summarily obliterate jealousy.

I think mostly folks get jealous because they seek things like affirmation, approval, and validation and, by their definitions, it looks as though others are receiving them via fleshly means.  Who doesn’t want to be at peace within themselves that they are here for a specific reason - with purpose and meaning - and that they are on the right track to fulfillment in life?  Who doesn’t want an affirming voice assuring them they’re not crazy; rather, they’re worthwhile and good and clean and nice?  But my friends, anyone who is not receiving such things from God is not being fulfilled earnestly.

Did you know that God will affirm you?  He will.  Every element of attention and affirmation, validation, renewal, and fulfillment of substance you require and long for are waiting for you in Daddy’s Heart simply through spending time with Him in intimacy - just you two.  Our trouble is we look in every place in existence except the only place it can be found!  No man, woman, boy, girl, place, thing, or animal can or will ever give you the affirmation and peace and confirmation, fulfillment, and approval as a worthwhile human being that Abba can because NO ONE ELSE is ever destined or designed to... only God!

Also, deep down, what child of God doesn’t want to be told they’re going the wrong way when they are?  God put the desire for His heavenly tourniquet to be applied to our sinful practices - that’s why we got saved in the first place, right?  So we earnestly do want Him to "stop the bleeding" and point out spots He’s designated for cleanup or overhaul in us along the way... and He’ll do that, too, if we allow it.  The good news - which should help counter jealousy - is that it’s like that for everybody.  Saints, everybody needs clean-up... everybody is in need of demolishing and rebuilding in some way or another, and God is so omnipotent that He can fill each of us with ALL OF HIM, simultaneously, and still be God!  So there’s no need to be jealous of anyone along this path.  God sees each undone condition and loves us anyway with everything He has and we ALL can have ALL of Him at once... roll that around in your mouth and realize what a mighty God we serve!  But for me the very best part is that - with all that power - what consumes Him?  OUR well-being... ours, not His... my dear friends, who is like Him?!


While on the course of life, don’t look jealously or fearfully over at the runner in the other lane; keep your eyes forward looking at Jesus until you burst through that tape at the finish.  Living for the Lord is not about getting to the end of our course ahead of everyone else.  It’s not even about “beating out” the enemy - Christ already did that.  The awesomely stupendous truth is that, by Gods definition, if we finish our course with our eyes on Jesus we win!

If we run the race by the rules the Father set before us, we will help our brothers and sisters in need and keep our eyes on the Godhead, continually.  We will choose to embrace Abba’s love Abba’s way and not be concerned about matching the walk, possessions, or blessings of our neighbor... instead, we’ll allow Holy Spirit to saturate us in the utter joy of serving and worshiping Daddy.  Believe me, delighting in Christ Jesus’ Presence will keep you blissfully occupied and satisfied.

God willing, we’ll talk more about this in future posts, because I sense God wants to continue ministering to all of us in this place.  That is so awesome! :0)

For now, though, I thank all of you for your patience with me as I get over this head cold.  Thank you also for your prayers, beloved... they’re landing.

In His Love,
Daddy’s Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)