Thursday, January 17, 2013

Loving Thoughts

God is unfathomable, and yet He allows Himself to be plumbed.  Imagine that.

I often lay in the quiet of my bedroom thinking about Him and His magnificence.  I often ponder that He even tried to make our world, let alone actually did.  It's not the matter of His ability I ponder as much as it is His willingness despite the risks.  I'm so glad that, when we go beyond all "this", there is only Him.  You know what I mean?

Have you ever realized or allowed yourself to contemplate seriously the enormity of the Lord?  Or the truth that He sits on His Throne and is totally and consumingly enraptured by humans whom He created?  Do you ever dwell on the truth that God had a dream in creating all of us?  God had a dream.  Imagine that.

God is the unending Resource and Supply and the most powerful governing being in existence; yet His most ecstatic joy comes in allowing Himself to be stilled by us so that we can feed from His breast.  Think of that.  Allow Holy Spirit to come upon you long enough to fasten you to the Lord's bosom that you might draw from His amazing fullness and holiness and blessing in truly realizing the magnitude of all-consuming Source for humankind He is.

Allow yourselves to be in awe  of Him... it's a wonderful feeling, but it's more than that.  It's a plane and state of existence even more miraculous than life itself.  God's favor is more precious than life, even though God IS life.  Imagine that.

The life we expend here is life empowered by God - it's life in God, but it is not the life OF God.  There's a difference between living in the Master's house and being a son of the Master.  Only in sonship is the reality of true inheritance in God realized.  Only in being joined to the Lord do we become one spirit with Him (1 Cor. 6:17).  And that is Christ's fondest prayer and desire expressed in John 17:20-23.  Being the Master and enveloping His sons and daughters in His all-encompassing, capable arms forever is what God's dream is all about.  Did you hear that?  We are what God's dream... WE are the focus of God's dreams, entirely, because Daddy is a family man.

Scripture verses like, "now  unto Him Who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you can ask or think according to the power that works in us," (Eph. 3:20) have always fascinated me because they say right out that how far we go in God is up to us.  Let that reality and truth strike you.  How far we go in God is entirely up to us.  Ever really think about that in terms of plumbing an unfathomably deep well?  What about trying it?  That's what Holy Spirit said to me.  Years ago, Saints, He approached me and asked me to "taste and see".  He's asking it of all of us, but only some of us take Him seriously.  How unutterably strange is that?  The God of the Universe holds out His hand and asks us to take it - and we hesitate.

Imagine that.

Obviously, there have been quite a lot of deep thoughts on my mind lately.  Holy Spirit puts them there when He beckons me to venture forth to another level in God.  When we really listen, it's evident He does that with all of us.  It's like sitting on a mine of gold or innumerable diamonds and not even trying to tap its richness until the landowner reminds us it's there.  Sometimes I amaze myself in having to be reminded of such things.  God is the resource of resources, the supply of all supplies and He wants me to embrace Him so that He can realize His dream.  Think about that, Saints.  Relationship with us... full and fragrant, powerful relationship with us is the meaning and fruition of the Holy One's dream. Period.

God wants you.
God wants me.
God wants all of us together.
We're His family.

Apart from His fantastic fellowship with the Godhead, nothing matters to Him more.  He's chosen to have US as His centerpiece in love and desire for fellowship in fullness and wholeness.  He's chosen us to join Him in exploring the universe of His creations together.  He's chosen us, Saints.  He's chosen us.  Imagine that.

My soul says, I want You, O, Lord, more than I want anything.  My imagination's door is open to You.  Don't you want Him, Saints, today such that you will open the doors of your heart to the unimaginable, unfathomable, coolest, peerless richness of His love?  The One you can say anything to... the One you can wrap the arms of all your emotions around and just celebrate His heart in tears lying before His Throne.  God loves that.  He loves it when all we can do in His Presence is cry and thank Him like little children.  He loves it when we don't know what to say because our words are afloat amid gushes of love and desire and thanksgiving of our hearts toward Him.  He loves it.  

He can't get enough of our love.  He orchestrated it so that we're loving and returning His love of us for all of eternity.  He loved us first.  I said that to Him, once.  I said Lord I'm so wanting to express myself in love to you, but all I can do is praise.  All I can do is stand here and cry and laugh and worship and not articulate anything.  His heart wrapped around me in absolute fits of love, beloved, and this is what this awesome God said to me...

"I read every word of your heart to Me, beloved.  I read every word of your emotions you can't put into phrases.  I formed your heart, I know its language; I know every nuance of love and laughter and joy you have for Me, dearheart.  I formed you, I know you, and love you.  I am drawn to your fragrance like a bee is drawn to honey's pool from a tender plant. I love you."
Has the Father ever expressed His heart to you?  He longs to do it... believe me.

Cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus in prayer and still your heart to hear His voice; He'll sing sonnets of love to your spirit and bare His breast of desire before you; He is not ashamed.  He has no pride or arrogance to keep Him from His beloved.  He will stand and wait in the rain for us - hands and arms outstretched - until we turn and race to His anointed shelter.  I am so in love with Him... and it is because He first loved me.

Imagine that.

In total awe of Him,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)