Saturday, January 26, 2013

Poem of Encouragement

Like so many who consistently touch our lives for good, my best friend and spiritual twin sister Lynette is often unappreciated by those around her.   We all have those particular people in our lives, don't we?  You know, the ones who work thanklessly for the good of us and others and who give the shirts off of their backs to strangers, genuinely expecting nothing in return?  Sometimes I rub my eyes, look at Lynette, and rub my eyes again because of the true example of pure-hearted Christian giving she lives and breathes before me each day.

From the post titled, "Dear Lynette", you all know what a gift she is to me and how much God uses her in my life.  As she has continued to give out and give out to me and my dreams and cause, Holy Spirit enabled me to reach out to her in the most powerful way I know (other than prayer). He sat down inside of me and penned a sonnet to her - the first I'd ever written - filled with His truth in loving expression He knew would encourage her, for only truth can encourage. 

He's put it on my heart to share it today with all of you, and I pray you are blessed by it.

     (Copyright ©  1996 by Sharon Joy Gramling)

In the depths of the ocean blue, where nobody sees,
are fine and flowing flowers blown by the water's breeze.
They expand and fling their colors about the ocean floor
and just because no one can see and no one can adore
the finesse of their spun tentacles, their hues brilliant or plain,
doesn't mean that they're unlovely; their majesty remains.
They're most attractive, probably, because they don't realize
that in the darkness of the sea, they're God's best-kept surprise.
So, too, are you my friend; your full and fragrant glow
is so like the homespun, powdered gift that loving hands would sew.
As the covered, unsung, woolen socks which warm a baby's toes,
you're modest - like a puckered bud not knowing it's a rose.
     Look up, my darling, for you'll see the whole truth in my eyes:
     Inside you, thus most privileged, is where true beauty lies.

Friends, ask the Lord to give you a special encouragement today for the people in your lives who often go unappreciated.  He will.  No matter how often you share the truth of your love, it will always encourage... Daddy planned it that way.

Be blessed and blessed and blessed,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)