Sunday, January 20, 2013

Praise and the Fire of God

I enjoy playing conga drums.

Nearly four years ago, the desire to learn an instrument seized me such that I could not ignore it.  I'd pluck at the harp occasionally and beat a good tambourine but nothing more. So I asked Daddy which instrument He'd have me learn, and I heard Him say clearly, "Congas".  His choice seemed a bit odd until I tried them for the first time.  It was love at first strike.

Faithfully, Abba led me to a Christian conga master named William Johnson, and I learned online the various "stick control" hand motions necessary to make the fascinating vessels sing in full range before God.  Before God - I liked the sound of that.  I also really loved the notion of skin-on-skin percussive praise; it just seemed very organic and fruitful.  It was. Here are my drums:
The Fire of God
I have African, Native American, Celtic, and French blood in my ancestry so, to say the least, my friends - I've got rhythm!  ;0) While I can't burst into an energetic River Dance for you, by God's power I can sure beat a tune to bless you on this beautiful holy trio I have aptly named, The Fire of God.

Holy Spirit revealed to our fellowship that percussive tones played through the hands of Daddy's kids reflect the cadence of His Heart.  Isn't that amazing?  What's more, the lower tones of my biggest drum (at far left) - called the Tumba - affect deliverance in my life and the lives of the hearers as I play.  The higher musical tones bring restoration, as He told us years ago.

The truth of His deliverance explains so much in terms of why I've often left my drums, after a session, feeling much more than merely cheered up - I've felt free!  And it's even much more than a feeling, Saints, it's a reality of curses being broken off of me; it's the truth of being loosed from demonic forces sent against me in the atmosphere... it's the truth of God's Almighty hand of power breaking the back of the enemy in my life, and I just LOVE HIM for it!

Who but God, friends, could put such heavenly fire power in the pleasurable act and joyful undertaking of giving praise to His Holy Name?  When I play my drums, the power of God is at work, and I'm lost in the beauty of prayer and praise to Him filtering skillfully through my hands... God is such fun!  Such powerful, magnificent  p l e a s u r e  inhabits serving Him!  Indeed, JOY "unspeakable and full of Glory"!  Hallelujah!

Percussion in the Name of Jesus resides in every willing heart, y'all.  It doesn't have to be a set of congas that you beat; anything that resonates - including a coffee table or a refrigerator - can be made a life-changing instrument reflecting the cadence of Abba's Heart and bringing new freedom to your life.  For truly, we all carry the fire of God within us... and His Name is Jesus.

Drumming with JOY in Him,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)