Sunday, January 13, 2013

Praise in Painting and Poetry

Since Sunday is His Day for praise, honor, and worship unto Him (and so is every day, really), I'm going to do so by sharing some of what He's given me in painting and poetry.  The love of poetic verse I've had all of my life; painting in oils is a newly-acquired, supernatural gifting by Daddy's hand.  Before His impartation, I'd never been able to draw or paint anything skillfully.  Now I've put poetry and painting together to grant you further insight to the utter joy God generously has bestowed upon my life.  At left is my first-ever oil painting.
"A Place to Rest"
Copyright © 2012 - Sharon Joy Gramling
When I finished this work, I was thrilled, but also captured by the truth that, no matter how gnarly the tree appears, to a wing-worn fowl it is a welcomed place of rest.  Saints, remember that God doesn't look at things the way we look at them - His word says that.  We may look narrowly at a person or thing whose loveliness isn't pushed forward and instantly form critical, hurtful opinions; but the Lord alone defines beauty.  He told me He often assigns great purpose and worth to people and things "overlooked" by the world; He loves doing that.  That truth soothes my soul when, otherwise, all I see in my mirror is the passing of years.  

After giving me this painting, Daddy's encouragements also inspired this poem:

(Copyright © February, 2012 - Sharon Joy Gramling)

I have a thing for gnarly trees and puckered buds and bumble bees;
the things that make one run away or shriek in awe or humbly sway
are things that I delight in most - like gumbo soup and crumbly toast.

The God we serve has such a heart for silly things that burst apart
or children who are lost all day and somehow faintly find their way
(through hills of deep and frosty snow amid winds high and vision low)
to burning fires of home and hearth before sleep takes them in the dark.

He’s the One Who holds such things in circles cool beneath His Wings.
He speaks love to their humble hearts and puts their burdens miles apart
from all that He’s enthroned in them, then fills the void up safe with Him.

So when you see a gnarly tree or puckered bud or bumble bee
do not “knee-jerk” to run away, but stay awhile - just think and stay.
Remember God’s got hold of you in all the silly things you do
and see and think and move and say… and yet, He loves you anyway. 

I bless God for His unconditional love of me! Lord willing, in future posts I'll share more of my artwork and poetry to Abba's praise, honor, and glory.  He mercifully declares that - like the restorative power of a quenching, flowing river over dry land - every place His Spirit's Heart and Hands touch in our lives shall live.  To that my soul says, Amen.

Giving Him Hugs and Glory,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)