Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sing it with me: God is Good!

I was raised in the church "back in the day" - before the advent of technically-skilled worship teams ascending platforms to lead huge congregations in praise.

While I'm not Methuselah, I do recall one-organ, one-piano churches set off of public highways in rickety buildings only large enough to hold 150 members; the church I grew up in wasn't much more than that.  But before the enemy's ways swooped down on our life through the foul indulgences of my earthly father, there were those old deacons and church mothers who truly believed in and worshiped God themselves, as did their parents and parents' parents and so forth.  These elders took delight in coming to church on Wednesday nights and leading the prayer service, making music all their own with hearts and  hands and feet.  Holy Spirit was all over it, and my mother saw to it that her little girl was brought to those services and plopped right down in the middle of it all.

I'm so glad.

The Best of
I am so very grateful to God for my precious, sold-out-to-Jesus mother, who made certain to the best of her ability that I was raised in an atmosphere of singing in true Godliness and praise among those old Saints.  I remember many times looking under the wooden pews at their synchronized foot stomping, effortlessly and skillfully coordinated with clapping hands as they all sang in rhythmic praise to the Three in One.  It was wonderful and, although I didn't understand exactly the makeup of what took hold of me as I listened to their unity in adulation, I knew I liked it.  I was a child, but my spirit man recognized and welcomed Holy Spirit's Hand on me.

I love the old songs of that day; I was raised on them.  Mahalia Jackson, The Clara Ward Singers, Dorothy Love Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes, The Caravans; and then later, all the marvelous melodies from Walter and Edwin Hawkins... this music flows through my veins, and I still have most of it preserved in the vinyl LPs my mother purchased in Harlem, NY a million years ago.  Talk about a musical legacy...

Those were the days.

A marvelous song called "God is Good", sung by Regina Belle, came to my attention a few years ago when I testified at our fellowship about being exposed to the rustic "music" Holy Spirit fiercely inhabited which helped seal me in God's plan.  My loving friends secretly purchased her CD during the week and played the song for me the following Sunday.  I listened in tears, recalling how that youthful embrace of Godliness planted the seeds for my repentance.

The link at the end of this post takes you to the YouTube recording I like best; it's introduced by her brother. The song's old-time hand-clapping and foot-stomping comes through clearly.  Listen to the words, Saints... I dare you not to shout! THIS is the kind of atmosphere in which I was raised - many of us "nearly-fifty fogies" were! ;0)

Thank You, Jesus!

I love to play the song alone in my bedroom, because I immediately become the nine-year-old in 1974 feeling Holy Spirit move and groove in that little church, sealing my heart forever... it still makes me cry.

Also, I'm in a place to be particularly blessed by this song of late, because its powerful declarative testimony speaks to God's provision in all things.  May you be blessed by the everlasting TRUTH that God is Good.

Blessed by His Tender Heart Continually,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in Spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)