Thursday, February 14, 2013

Daddy Loves and Watches, Always

Have you ever seen a child on a playground call out to their parents, incessantly, shouting the phrase, "Watch me!" I once saw a little boy call that out to his dad on his way to a sliding board.  He repeated that phrase energetically as he walked to the slide, climbed the slide, and went down the slide.  At the bottom of the slide, the phrase changed from "watch me!" to "Dad, did you see?!"

I laughed and shook my head.

Kids are great... so real, so "out there" in honesty and innocence.  Their pure hearts are highly favored by God.  Amen.

Like rolling over softly in bed, my mind caressed Holy Spirit's comforting reminder that Daddy "watches" and "sees" me always.  As His creation, and as His daughter, He never takes His all-seeing eyes off of me.  He also sees and discerns all things in and about my every nuance of emotion; not just the things I actually do.  Like junior slide-man and his dad at the playground, God's watching me have fun, but He knows so much more than that.  He sees and knows the joy I feel in anticipation of the ride, during the ride, and after.  He sees and knows the doting of my heart that makes me lift my head and eyes to Him to see if He saw me or not.  He knows my motivation and takes note of it.  He knows I want to be "noticed" by Him, and He doesn't chide me for that.  He knows that I love Him.  That's right... I love Him.

The thought of God's eyes ever upon me carries the same satisfaction I enjoy when a dollop of honey reclines on my tongue.  (Some prefer chocolate - I like honey.)  All of my glands deliver their substance to embrace the essence and flavors of the nectar soaking my taste buds.  Christ's attentions affect me that way because I know He is the true Lover of my soul.  This is how He feels about me and about all of those who love Him in the Beauty of Holiness:
"Hear Me, O, Royal One:
You are My Beloved Seed, My resurrected, compassionate one.  I love your footsteps and every motion of your heart toward Me.  You are My 'Royal Seed'; My Queen and Inheritor of  My Kingdom.  It is yours, beloved - it is yours by precept and intimacy with Me.  My 'secrets' are your secrets - to know them and to know Me.  I have reserved your 'love' for Me, beloved, and now you wear it like a garment, for you are worthy of it due to My love for you.  My love for you is intense and 'fierce'.  Intense in its depths and passionate embrace of you and those who wear and embrace My precepts; and fiercely defeating the realm of the enemy on your behalf and on behalf of all My Beloved.  I love you.  I always have, and I always will.  I love you.  I love you.  Amen.  Amen.  Amen."
Those words are for all who hunger and thirst after Him, dear friends.  They are for you today if you love the mention of His Name and His fiery heart of love for you.  If you collapse in pleasure and worship before Him, alone in your room with the doors closed and the lights out, the shades drawn, and your heart open you know exactly what it is to have and see His love embrace you and be swept away by His favor and circumstance all around you, enveloping you easily and gently in the waves and warmth of His presence.  You know the passion that exists in "knowing" the holy heart of your Beloved and in letting Him seal and possess your heart for Him.  His hands are extended to everyone.  O, how He wants you to know... and to know... and to know.

For those yet to know and for those running from Him, His love is still the same; fierce and audible to the ears of your most earnest desires to be loved and held and known and accepted. It is He Who your soul craves.  Amen, it is He and none other.

He is always watching.  He is always caring, and He is always loving you and me.

Merciful Father, dear Jesus, precious Holy Spirit - You Three are my love and Lord forever. Your LOVE is better than life. I press You to my bosom and burst my love upon Your breast. Amen, I bury my heart and head and soul and life in Your abiding love, forever. I love You.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Daddy's Girl


 "... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)