Sunday, February 17, 2013

Faithful God, Faithful Prose

As most of you know, I love poetry.  Many writers do.

Though every day in Jesus is sweet, 2009 was an extremely fruitful year for me.  God redefined the word "prolific" for me in many ways but, especially in the desires of my heart in writing.  He enabled me to self-publish writings He'd given me in previous years, and He filled my heart with His faithful prose to bless my life and the lives of others.  The work I'm sharing today is one I wrote that year for a young woman in our fellowship who is learning to step out strongly in Christ.  It was written to encourage her on her birthday, and contains that verbiage... but I believe its truth stands for all those needing to be reminded of the faithfulness and love of God.  Enjoy.

(A Poem for Nikki Green)
Copyright © 2009 Sharon J. Gramling. All Rights Reserved

God is with you wherever you go,
constantly watching so you’ll always know
that He realizes what you’re going through,
the thoughts you think, the things you do.

Christ is with you wherever you are;
He’s riding with you ‘shotgun’ in your car.
He’s blessing the good things, forgiving the bad,
and He’ll be your best friend or mother or dad
When you’re far away and no voice is near,
His voice lives inside you, my dear, NEVER FEAR.

Holy Spirit is with you to talk you straight through
the toughest exam, the stickiest goo
your emotions encounter – He’ll always be true.
He’ll always be gentle, and loving, and fair;
He’ll teach you and tender your heart to His care.

So know that your birthday will mark one more year
that God has been faithful to dry every tear.
He will remain faithful the rest of your life,
above and beyond all confusion and strife
He’ll love you and hold you in His Gentle arms,
and bless you and know you and keep you from harm.

He is Faithful!
(Deut. 7:9-10)

I pray your hearts are blessed and encouraged by these words and by every touch of Daddy's hand as you worship and praise Him with joy on this glorious Sunday.  :0)

Loving His Faithfulness,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)