Saturday, February 16, 2013

Healing Testimony

God is a healer.

Certainly He is a restorer of broken lives in every way concerning our hearts, mind, wills, and emotions... but I don't know how many times I pointedly give Him props for being the God of my body, superior in every way to every sickness, pain, or malady that may confront me.  Let me do that now, with a testimony.

In 1998 I had five pedunculated fibroid tumors removed from my uterus.  Upon first diagnosis, the lady GYN I saw swore up and down - purely from sight evaluation - that I was  eight months pregnant and just not aware of it.  Now, I have heard stories to that effect in the lives of other women having "surprise" babies, but none of their conceptions were... well, immaculate.  Mine would had to have been, because in July 1998 I was still a virgin, and I told her so.

She had me pee in a cup anyway, and then apologized all over herself when test results confirmed my veracity.  (I was by no means the virgin Mary, you understand... but I had never been with a man at that point and, therefore, was not pregnant.)

This GYN was astonished at how I could literally move the tumorous mass from one side of my abdomen to the other... it kinda flipped her out a bit.  But later, a more experienced physician pointed out that their "mobility" was an excellent indicator of their benign nature.  A malignant growth, he said, would attach itself to an organ and feed off of it, in a fixed position.

Another funny but not funny situation occurred when an ultra sound technician examined me and saw all of the masses on the screen.  As she marked mass after mass (remember there were five of them), she grew more quiet.  At the exam's end she wasn't speaking to me at all... no clever, cheery, distracting phrases to get the patient's mind off of what was happening; no coughs or burps - no nothing.  Clearly, she was afraid for me.

She was only the ultra sound technician, after all; no one had told her what kind of tumors these were (if they had - she had totally forgotten).  She just knew my uterus was full of them in graduating sizes, from plum to cantaloupe, and it disturbed her greatly.  As I hopped down from the examining table, she clutched my hand briefly and did everything but cross herself and burst into tears before leaving.  My heart went out to her because I knew she didn't know the full story; it just looked bad.

See, Daddy had already told my then fiance and I that there was no cancer of any kind in the tumors and that I should have them removed.  Moreover, He assured us no harm would come to any of my reproductive organs as a result of surgery.

As always, He was absolutely right.

I came out of seven hours of surgery with my uterus and ovaries intact and relieved of all the pedunculated, stalky, fibrous growths afflicting me; their total weight was 8 lbs.!  The nurses on my floor told me that those tumors were "the talk" that day.  Everyone was amazed at the group shot of them which doctors and nurses passed around like a loving cup.

I looked at the photo so that I would always remember what God had done for me.  I cover these words with the Blood of Jesus:  I am healthy, well, and whole at this very moment... and have been since they were removed nearly 15 years ago.  Praise His Holy Name.

Saints, like so many others, I am here to tell you that Jehovah is the God of your body.  He is the God of my body, and it is His word over us that will stand.  HIS report I believe, and none other.

The enemy could not coax me into ignoring the problem or into being afraid of it like that sweet sonogram tech... but he tried.  It was Holy Spirit's covering that maintained me in faith.  He healed me completely back then, and He mercifully heals all of us, every day, of dangers and illnesses seen and unseen.  Who is like Him, Saints?!  Who?

God says YES to the enemy's no; and NO to the enemy's yes.  Abba God is fully in charge. Bless His Mighty Name! Hallelujah!  Amen.

Whose report will you believe?

Praising Him ALWAYS,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)