Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jesus, take me away!

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Christ Jesus welcomes the day with arms outstretched and beckons us to His Bosom with a message from eternity on how truly easy it is to succeed in Him and thrive in His Goodness.  The choice is ours.  This word says it all far better than I, so receive His encouragements and let His heart's desires whisk you away...

From Jesus

"Put your ‘focus’ on LOVING ME - I will do the rest.

Loving Me is from whence you derive strength.  Everything - wisdom, knowledge, memory (capacity), repentance, warfare, ability in laughter, JOY, and release - is birthed from your decision to Love Me above and beyond all else.  Even the ability to be prudent and pay bills and maintain integrity in your dealings... the greatest things to the (perceived) smallest things that are “Good and Perfect” in My Kingdom are birthed in you in all new ways when you decide to let My Love for you and yours for Me do the governing.

            No one has to 'promote you' - I WILL PROMOTE YOU.  No one has to advance or increase you - I WILL ADVANCE and INCREASE YOU.  I will multiply you extravagantly, according to the rich purposes of My Love if you will only abide with Me in fullness (spend sacrificial time with Me), and give Me your all-in-all, your best.  Try Me and see... just give
My way a taste, and see that I AM GOOD.  Resolve today to follow even harder after Me.

            Realize your true heart, your fullness, and your purpose in Me!"

That says it all, my friends.

Blessing His Holy Name,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)