Sunday, March 10, 2013

Four Months for Daddy's Girl

This is the blog that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Today marks four months of living, loving, and laughing in testimony through Daddy's Girl. I praise God for it.  I'm glad it fell on a Sunday.

This blog has been very fruitful in a very short time.  It has spawned two other blogs which the Lord has also blessed but, to me, Daddy's Girl is the grande dame... the reason I took up blogging in the first place.  It was birthed just like it says in the tagline - to extol the tender heart of God.  Amen.

I remember very vividly Holy Spirit blowing gently past me, like the Breath that He is, giving me the name for this work when I asked Abba what it should be called.  He said, simply, "Call it Daddy's Girl".  I love stuff like that.

Four months of writing Daddy's Girl has passed like four minutes, and yet I've lived every minute of every day of it.  Abba never "runs dry" for ideas - or runs dry, period.  In my opinion, that's the secret of successful, God-ordained blogging... let Christ do it!  The Lord is an endless fountain of fruitful ideas, frames of mind, and circumstances bringing joy and abundance to His children in ways of living and serving Him that we've never dreamed existed.  God simply doesn't run out, my friends.

God had my Pastor advise me to always pray to Him for His wisdom before writing each post.  Just as I sit down to write, ask Him to completely guide me with His knowledge and strength in what I should say and not  say.  Daddy always always fills my mouth.  Never once has He let me down (in anything, not just blogging).  God is 100% reliable, and this blog touches lives by His definition, every day.

I pray before writing, often cry during writing, and pray and dedicate the work to Him just before actually posting.  That way it can't miss, folks... it's totally in His hands.  What Daddy does for one, He does for all; I've seen and read many blogs since I've been here that have touched me, brought me to tears, and changed my heart forever.  It's good to be in such company of friends and co-workers in Christ, set apart to accomplish His work on earth.

Here's to more work through God's hands in Daddy's Girl, sanctifying ground in the hearts and lives of believers everywhere.  Here's sincere thanks to those of you who heed God's words and tender heart through this medium and grant encouragement, prayers, and strength to it in His Name.  God bless you and keep you as we "work while it is day".

By God's power, here's to the bright future of Daddy's Girl: The blog the Lord has made!

In Jesus' Name,
Sharon Joy Gramling

"Daddy's Girl"  =0]

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)