Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here's to Holy Spirit

I deeply love and appreciate Holy Spirit.

Ever wonder why I call Him "Holy Spirit" and not, the Holy Spirit?  It's because of a conversation He had with Rev. Carl Hahn of Ohio, a beautiful man of God who sees and converses with angels regularly and documents all of his encounters.  Once during their conversation, Holy Spirit simply said He likes to be called by His Name, which is simply (and marvelously) "Holy Spirit".  That's all.  That's everything.  He told Pastor Hahn that, just as you or I would not be called "the Susan", or "the Robert" (or that silly way Donald Trump prefers to be called the Donald), the Breath of God prefers to be first-named by His friends.  He said [paraphrasing], 'call Me Holy Spirit, for that is My Name and you are My friends if you love Jesus.'

I think that's awesome.

Now, is He going to push an "eject" button and immediately send you to Hell if you continue referring to Him as "The Holy Spirit"?  Of course not.  God understands all that we formulate in our hearts in terms of always wanting to 'respect' Him.  But the Godhead would like us to try to understand that Their hearts toward us are family oriented.  God doesn't want to inspect us, He wants to embrace us.  Remember, Abba's not looking to see that our clothes are clean, He wants to see that our hearts are clean.  He's not a Drill Instructor, He's a DADDY... and He wants to be regarded by His kids with familiarity (again, that root word "family") more than formality.  Simply calling God's paracletus "Holy Spirit" is no more disrespectful than calling Jehovah God, "Daddy".  They cherish and value both references from the hearts of Their children.

Holy Spirit is responsible for drawing me to Jesus, then appropriating Christ's blood sacrifice to my life, sealing my salvation.  He is responsible for my walk in Jesus and for my encounters in vision - every single one of them.

It was Holy Spirit Who first asked me to "taste and see" of Abba's goodness; to "just give Him a chance" to prove Himself to me in truth and holiness.

Holy Spirit is the One Who knows exactly what to say to me to calm me down or stir me up, according to Abba's edicts, directives, and desires over my life.  Holy Spirit is my eternal "Go-To" Guy.

The Best of
He doesn't think twice about humbling Himself to lift me up.  Recently, in a matter of deliverance Abba wanted to accomplish in my life, Holy Spirit literally begged me to comply.  I was so afraid to be exposed in the areas God was targeting, I seriously considered not going through with it - not allowing the Godhead to deliver me of the uglies in that particular place - and Holy Spirit's face appeared to my spirit-man so powerfully, in humble entreaty piercing my soul, I nearly died on the spot from the fierceness of His Love poured out upon me.  He showed me the Mercy Seat of God and reminded me of the goal of the course of my life and why I exist...

Only our deepest, dearest Friend would do that.

Holy Spirit keeps me on track and on course. He reminds me of the words to Abba's song in my heart and fills my lungs with life's breath to sing aloud to Daddy each day.  Holy Spirit will be everything we need Him to be to keep us alive and well and living for God.  He is our Helper, and so Divinely much more than that.  Here's an excerpt from a word Daddy gave through a prophet explaining, in part, just Who Holy Spirit is to us daily.  Saints, I know it will bless you, as it has me:

"He is your Holy Habitation and generates 'My good pleasure' in your life.  He is the One Who sticks closer than a brother and is grieved when My edicts and laws are transgressed.  He speaks My directives to your heart and spirit and holds you in a place of reception and safety.  He moves as a mighty wind in and through your life, challenging anything that would attempt to erode your faith or touch your destiny in My formed plan.  He is the Holy Water that cleanses your soul, body, and spirit.  He is the power that ignites My torch and the eternal flame which burns forever within you.  He is your rudder, anchor, and 'safe transport' across calm or tumultuous waters.  He transmits My will, power, and blessings to your life and 'hosts you in to change' at My directive.  He is gentle, loving, kind, compassionate, powerful, obedient, all-knowing, full-to-overflowing, never empty."

HallelujahWhen's the last time you said, "Thank You, Holy Spirit..." for anything? Well, I believe we should say it for everything, because to love one of Them is to love Them ALLAs He diligently keeps us in mind of God and Christ, declare your loving thanks to our everlasting Friend Holy Spirit whenever you can.  We would be lost without Him.

He's already received a plethora of hugs and kisses from me, and my heart's wellsprings of thanksgiving will flow to Him, eternally.  Thank You so much, Holy  Spirit!

Very Gratefully,
Daddy's Girl

"...fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)