Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let's Pray...

Father, in Jesus' Name, we thank You for life, health, and strength.

I thank You, Lord God, that we are here, now, in an age the prophets longed to see.  I thank You for the forceful resolve You've put in all the family of Christ to see Your will done upon the earth.

Personally, Lord, I thank You for Your hand of forgiveness which runs continually through my life.  It is a living stream which I value greatly, and I ask that You enable me to show forgiveness and mercy to others as You have shown me.

Lord I ask that You grant Your ability to endure to all of Your children with hearts resolved to serve You no matter what, no matter when.  God, please give us all the ability to stand through every circumstance and be transformed to Your likeness through it all.

God, we love You.

Father, in Christ's Name, we refuse to relinquish the JOY You've given us! We refuse to knowingly disobey You, and we turn our backs on the enticements of this world.  Please grant us ever-increasing courage to say no to the enemy's influences in riches, emptiness, and foolish things.  Please enable us to take Your hand of obedience, steadfast kindness, mercy, and humility according to Your definitions and plan.

In Jesus' Name, dear Father, we honor the Presence of Your Spirit within us daily, and we prostrate ourselves before Your Throne and Your Goodness always, looking forward to the laughter and JOY resounding in Your Kingdom which is our eternal Home.

I cover the Body of Christ in the precious Blood of Jesus, and I forbid the enemy or his minions any access to any of us whatsoever.  Let the Peace of God and the Glory we have in Him alone be our comfort and our fortress, forevermore.

In Jesus' Awesome Name,