Saturday, March 2, 2013

May God Ever Increase in Me

Whenever we are away from God's Throne, our light diminishes.
Whenever we are near the Throne, our light increases.

This concept is critical to intimacy with Him, my friends.  Time spent with God means time spent oiling our lamps and filling our hearts with Truth.  His Truth is our shield and buckler.  God's voice reverberating throughout my "temple" changes me completely.

The enemy steps back and takes a look at us after we've been with God - he knows he's no contest for Christ in us.  The enemy knows he's defeated and, as scripture declares, he knows his time is short.  My Father pats me on the head lovingly and assures me of His ongoing, tender care, and I am comforted by His words alone.  God's love is what makes me His child.  With it He enables me to receive my inheritance in Him,  repenting and submitting to His work on the cross and honoring Him as Eternal Victor over the enemy and his forces.  He loves to put His hands on me, assuring me of His love everlasting; all I can do is cry and say amen.

I constantly dip my feet in the very blood Jesus shed to bring forth my inheritance, and then I walk the path He's set before me, leaving footprints in His blood.  O, how I love the Lord and want to be washed in His Light, always!  With His blood on me, with His Life in me, I can look on every day of different circumstance through the Holy Eyes of that same Power Who raised Jesus Christ from the dead and genuinely rejoice.  That very same Holy Spirit is alive and dwelling in me... is alive and dwelling in you... is alive and dwelling in all who love Him and seek out His "work in progress" in others to bless and encourage in His Name.  That same Spirit sees my progress and holds me in His amazing love... that self-same "Breath" of Almighty God raised me up off a sinful bed and called me daughter, princess, queen, and beloved seed... inheritor of all things belonging to and approved by Abba Himself... an heir in His Name.  These words are written on all who call Him Father and clutch His goodness to our breasts.

That's why I want to stay near His Light.  That's why I want His Light put 'round me.  That's why I want to ingest its waves and frequencies and learn all the more about Him each day.  I'm His child, it's my right - by blood purchase of Christ Jesus, King of Kings.

That's why I want to eat His flesh and drink His blood, beloved... I want Him to ever increase in me.

Thank God for Jesus.
Daddy's Girl   

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)