Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Surprise! God's NOT Disappointed in You

A couple of years ago Daddy dropped a truth into my spirit that has really helped me relate to Him as a person Who loves me unconditionally; it's also powerfully foiled the enemy's attempts at fitting me with condemnation.

I asked the Lord if He was disappointed in me.  I don't remember the exact nature of the situation spawning the question, but I'm deliriously glad I asked it... (no doubt Holy Spirit's doing).

Saints, this is what Daddy told me - 

"Beloved, disappointment in itself involves the element of 'surprise' - when one's actions clearly controvert another's expectations.  I Am the Almighty God; I know everything of your heart's intentions and affairs; I see everything before it happens and I know how you will react to things - I cannot be surprised.  I can be grieved by the choices you make and the way you do things, but I cannot be surprised and, therefore, I Am never disappointed in you."

Beloved, that was an immediate censure to the enemy's chiding and taunting of my emotions!  Take that, devil! I said inside, gratefully, when I heard my Father say to me I can never be a disappointment to Him. Hallelujah!

Now, I don't want to grieve Him, either - none of us do - but, inevitably, I'm going to make mistakes in this life and choose to do the wrong things at times, even though I'm saved.  That's something my precious Daddy is willing to work out with me through His loving care in the eternal processing and growth of my soul.  But, personally, the truth that God will never look at me, shaking His head and making that tsk tsk  sound in disappointment means everything in the world to me.  It strangles painful memories of human disappointments and fleshly encounters.  We project so much on God from "relationships" with our earthly fathers, folks, and I'm the biggest perpetrator of all.  God has had to show me a million times that He is NOT like my earthly father.  He is not anything like any sinful person anywhere, ever That also means the world to me.

Dear ones, God may be grieved at unrighteous choices you've made or are making in your life, but He's never disappointed in you.  There's something about that word not applying to my relationship with God that frees me from condemnation like nothing else.  I pray this truth blesses your souls as it does mine.  Stomp the enemy's head into the ground in Christ's Name every time you remember this empowering, rewarding truth and declare over yourself the Father's unfailing love, forgiveness, and approval of who you are in Him!

He cannot be disappointed in us because nothing takes Him by surprise.  That's so simple, yet profound!  He is the Almighty, Loving, Forgiving, and UNsurprisable God! 


Continually Amazed and Delighted in Him,
Daddy's Girl   

"...fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)