Sunday, April 21, 2013

God & His Great Films: Part 2

I believe the nitty-gritty issues referenced in Part 1 of this post truly are those that refine and shape our character in God.  The third challenging question the Sherwood Church film Facing the Giants posed to my heart touches on the theme of "bottom-line love" I greatly admire.

3.  "Will You Still Love God, Even If...?"

The subplot of the Taylors' struggles to have children grips me in a personal area I'll discuss in a moment.

Since adoption is too costly, the couple face individual challenges regarding their deep desire for children.  At one point, Grant asks his wife Brooke point-blank, "Will you still love God, even if we never have children?"

She doesn't answer.  The wheels of exposure and challenge are grinding away.

It's funny how emotional whirlwinds can shock our spiritual foundations.  It's happened to me before.  I've been going along nicely with my soul and spirit aligned to Daddy's directives and everything coming up sunshine and roses - then it happens.  The corrosive acid of supersensitive issues splash upon my life and bloody the eyes of my reason and commitment to God.  Just being real with you.

My Pastor calls them land mines and, believe me, I've lost many an emotional limb to them over the years. Yep, I know we're not supposed to be ruled or led by our emotions because they always deter and annoy us in such cases... but tell that to your emotions! Only GOD can handle them, but He needs our cooperation to do so.  So, what's our bottom line? Do we truly love Him enough to obey Him through the uglies and acid of land mines? Do we?

God has promised me children from my own womb.  I'm 48 years old next month and, while that's hardly the 90 years Sarah saw before Isaac warmed her breast, I admit my emotions are challenged in this place.  In my own way, I can relate to Brooke Taylor's experience and - also like her - in my heart of hearts I have answered this question.

4.  Will You Trust God Despite Your Fears?

This is a biggie for us all, I think, because fears can loom horribly large.

Young David Childers, substitute kicker for the Shiloh Eagles, learns first-hand what it is to be totally up against it in terms of being scared to death, on one hand, and choosing to trust God's power, on the other.  I don't think there was a patriarch or matriarch in biblical existence who hadn't repeatedly had their back against a thorny wall of foreboding in the "face" of their faith in God.  Moses, Hezekiah, Daniel, Ruth, Esther, David... the list scrawls through time and etches its columns to you and I, doesn't it?  Indeed, we all know this place.

My favorite sequence, asking this question of the young kicker, is where his decision to trust God stands between victory or defeat in what's undoubtedly the sporting confrontation of his brief years.  It's up to him to believe God can do more for him than his soul can imagine, and it seems all of Heaven is silenced in that moment of truth.  I'd like to tell you more, but I won't (for the sake of those who haven't seen this film).

I will say, however, that this single scene in Facing the Giants brought me to flowing tears in its manifestation of God's powerful sovereignty over the spiritual and natural elements of the universe on behalf of His children.  The final game sequences are rife with riveting prophetic symbolism anyone can recognize and enjoy.  

Various "giants" will rear their ugly heads at every turn on our travels through life and, to say the least, we need God's encouragement and strength to battle them successfully. Great movies like those produced by Sherwood Church do a critically important work in lending us the encouragements necessary to face our fears, love and trust God unconditionally, and persevere in His Name.  To that wonderful body of edifiers and believers I say, from my heart, thank you and God bless your lives.

Praising God for His Great Films,
Daddy's Girl   

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)