Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let Your Mind Go

Where does your mind take you when you let it go?  Here's where mine went today:

Sometimes all I want to do is lean on the Breast of God and let His heartbeat lull me to sleep. That's focus - deep focus - in Him.  I see Christ and I riding through life's courses upon a chocolate-brown steed which He delicately leads over hill and dale while I sit behind Him, clutching my arms around His steady waist.  He doesn't even kick the horse - it readily obeys - and I'm encouraged to nestle my head between Jesus' shoulder blades.

This is my Beloved, I think to myself... this is my Lord and Master but also my Husband. My Divine Husband Whose heartbeat I can hear with my head resting on His back.  At first my hands were clasped together as I held on to Him but, again, I am urged to take a more familiar grasp of my soul's Lover as we ride.  So I unclasp my sweating hands and rest each palm on His firm belly, where effervescent life is stirred constantly for my strength.  I don't feel myself fall or even lean uneasily, left or right; in fact, my grip grows firm and my confidence rises.  I can feel the Lord's breath now... breathing in and breathing out, and I realize that it's not needed for His sustenance or His body's cause, but for mine.  It's for me that He makes His every breath and motion known, because my heart's weak substance needs to see His mastery of that horse; that chocolate-brown, obedient stud on which He carries me.

The color brown is symbolic of humility.

When I lean upon my Daddy's Breast, He brings Jesus close to me.  My Divine Husband's strength and tenderness simultaneously stroke my soul, and I hear the rhythmic clack of hooves as we checker through life's courses.  I don't mind hill and dale and river splashing, as long as my Lord leads my life.  His humility, strength, and rest feeds me when I need, and cloaks my weary soul in comfort.  Christ is the Founder of my trust and is the "way" in which we travel.  He's the Maker of the earth which holds the dust that cleaves to Him; the dust He calls His own... that dust, again, is me.
"Who am I, Jesus, that You call me by name?  What could I ever do to be loved this way?" (Margaret Becker)
I love it when I let my mind go to seek the place of rest in Jesus.  My beloved Daddy knows the way and leads me safely there each time.  He lets us roam together and lets me taste eternal quiet... He gives me of the resting place that's found in Christ alone.  What I love about Christ the most is not His total command over horses, but His zealous excitement to lead me and guide me and welcome me into His purpose.  I love it that my eternal Lover has possession of my soul and values it more than precious gems and riches.  He longs for me to see my worth and shows me whenever He can that dying for me as He did on Calvary was the only recourse to the satisfaction of Abba, but also of Himself, as He and the Father are One, and They remain in total agreement that my life was well worth saving.  That's how They feel about the whole world.

I'm always rewarded, and I'm always taught when I nestle my thoughts safely in our loving Father's Breast.

In Ever-increasing love of Him,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)