Thursday, April 4, 2013

No Eggshells with God

God is not moody and, for that, I'm truly thankful.

Accommodating moodiness from key family members facilitated my "missing out" on knowing who I actually am at an earlier age.  Think about that, folks.  I was so busy jumping through emotional hoops trying not to "upset" my earthly father's behavioral state that adjusting to his moods became not only the order of the day, but a complete lifestyle in self-preservation.  I've never given that a thorough run-through in my thoughts until now, but safely traversing winding emotional roads paved with egg shells and unknowns blinded my family to brightness or beauty.  I know many of you can relate.

In retrospect, I didn't realize how that paralyzing, negative atmosphere sort of trained my emotions to expect discord and offense.  Since I grew up in a "touchy" world, I walked in a constant state of oversensitivity myself, ostensibly to guard my emotions while navigating caustic surroundings.  How awful and, as I said, it comes down to since I was so scared to be myself most of the time, I lost the acquaintance years ago.

Sharon, Meet Sharon!

When I drew near to Daddy, I was reintroduced to me.  (There's poetry in that, I'll wager!)  Over the years, Abba has been steadily and profoundly reacquainting Sharon with Sharon, and I must say that - although it's taken much time - I like me.  The loving myself part I know will come soon, but I'm not much into loving someone without liking them first. God not only loves us, He genuinely likes us... did you know that?

The Best of
We all know we can love someone without liking them, and that's not a lot of fun.  Folks I like score high on the "hang out with me" meter... folks I chiefly love sometimes don't.  Oh, there's brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and aunts and uncles we love but don't particularly like; we realize this when honesty truly prevails.  Still, we would give up hind quarters for them in an instant because we love them.  Indeed, "love covers a multitude of sins".  Right now, I like myself.  I like the person I am with faults and quirks and emotional leaks; and I especially enjoy the fact that I can laugh at myself while Daddy patches those leaks.  I'm thrilled He's the Master Plumber, and the mechanism He's installed that makes me stop and laugh when I've cartwheeled into awkward situations is worth more than gold in terms of deflecting self-loathing and bitterness.  God always knows what He's doing.

Without Moody Wrinkle

The best part is that, even after causing my own conflict and trial and struggle, I can run into my Father's arms and be enveloped as though I never knew sin or shame or wrong. How about that?  And Abba means it, too, Saints!  Truly.  Even when I'm facing rebuke or correction, He always has a smile for me and a redemptive word to heal my circumstance and show me the way to His Truth.  No word I have ever received from Him bodes only of wrongdoing and consequence; but they all at least end with His Light and laughter and Love and hope for my resource and recovery and reconciliation with His Spirit continually showing me the way to a new and brighter day.  His mercies REALLY ARE new every morning, and His smile for me from His Heart stays the same.  What inner peace and safety that generates!

"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

Never moody, always glad to see me, greeting me with loving arms wide open.  That's my Abba and Lord Jesus... that's my Holy Spirit.  And knowing all this is constant and abiding Love flowing from God's Throne makes it easy for me to get to know myself - leaks and all - continually learning of the gifts He's given me to benefit and bless His world.

Saints, in Christ, do you know who you truly are?  Do you know how you truly are?  If you don't know already, God will lead you to the same, blessed conclusion He did me and, in His Love, I can assure you in advance...

You'll like you.

Enjoying His Awesome Realms of Discovery,
Daddy's Girl

"...fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)