Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another Year of Blessing

I'm blessing and praising Daddy for 48 years this month.  On the Jewish calendar, May 3rd marked my birthday and Lynette and I had a wonderful time just being "girls" together here in New Jersey.  We bowled without bumpers (yes, you heard me) for the first time in years and did fairly well; then enjoyed a nice lunch and did a little shopping for copier paper and office stuff (which I love). The Gregorian calendar marks the big day later this month; Lord willing, I'll be celebrating that day with the home church fellowship in Sellersville, Pa.

Scripture praises God for keeping the righteous from birth to hoary (or gray) hairs, and I am doing the same with this post.  Friends, I never want to take a single breath for granted - Daddy does it all.  No one can do a thing without Him, ever, and I'm grateful to the Godhead for the breath I breathe as well as for life, health, and strength.

I also unashamedly bless the Name of Jesus for the readers of all the ministry blogs and the Glory Shield website, which I've come to love.  For the pastor calling, which is training my heart and hands in areas of unconditional love and giving like never before, I am especially thankful.  It is maturing me in areas most deeply reflective of the beneficent heart of God like nothing else in my life could.  I am learning to put myself aside in ways I never have, and I am loving it.  I am learning to let the Lord exalt me in ways special to His heart, and I am witnessing His goodness in avenues of personal strength, honor, and favor like never before.

I have been blessed, favored, pampered, and ministered TO, all of my life... now it's my turn to bless the Lord's servants in the same ways I have been blessed so that the excellence of God's overflow in my life can mingle with the lives of others and bear the righteous fruits of altruism and sacrificial love.  Love is not love unless it is sacrificial, and Abba has painstakingly invested YEARS of loving care bringing me to the harvest of that truth.  I've still got a long way to go but, for the journey thus far, (all 48 years' worth) I am deeply grateful.

Blessing the wonderful Name of Jesus, covering myself with His Blood always, and thanking the Godhead for mercifully filling me with breath for 48 years, I joyfully remain...


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)