Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ask Him Anything

I've come to love asking the Lord what I call “nitty-gritty” questions.  He loves receiving them from me.

Over the years of serving and loving Him, growing closer to His will, plan, and directives for my life I've learned a great deal about His character in terms of His patience, mercy, and true identification with mankind.

Also, my questions never come from the standpoint of accusation (a result of Holy Spirit’s Wisdom), but always from a heart of sincerity, seeking truth.  A few years ago, after enduring a rough “time of the month”, I asked the Lord about menstrual cramps.  Although my inquiry came from honest perplexity, at the time I was also a bit tweaked at being female in general (and Daddy knew that).  During my personal time with the Godhead, a question to Jesus went something like this:

Me:  No offense, Lord, but when You were on earth You were a man; how could You possibly have known about the pain and irritation women go through with menstrual bleeding and cramps?  And how could You actually identify with something like that?

[In hindsight, I shake my head at my ludicrous, one-dimensional notion that God Almighty wouldn’t know every nuance involved with menstrual pain and cramping whether He experienced life here as a “male” or not!  But our awesome God didn’t mock or laugh at me; He simply - and powerfully - answered my question.]

Jesus:  Remember the woman with the issue of blood the scriptures talk about?  When her faith touched my clothing, I entered into a Godly exchange - one I would repeat at Calvary - of her infirmity for My wholeness, health, and healing.  When My virtue went into her as her faith was released, she gave Me all she had in ailment and infirmity, and I destroyed it by My power over life and death and the Father’s ability within Me to redeem and release all things from the power and influence of the enemy.  When I took on that infirmity for her sake, I took on all “knowing” of it also; of its tendrils and tentacles and root causes and involvements, just as if it were afflicting Me.  I bore the grief and sorrow of it so that precious daughter could be released.  I know menstrual pain and its afflictions and abnormalities better than you do and, if you come to Me, I can relieve your pain.

Saints, to say that I was humbled by what was said during our time together would be an immense understatement.  But what I am particularly touched by is that, when God clarifies, He also enlightens and educates... always.  He IS virtue; and the overwhelming power of it within Him is released unto us by the very mention of His Name, in faith.

Friends, the Lord is wonderful, and always ready and willing to lend clarity and truth and answers to ALL of our questions.  I have learned there is no need to ever be afraid to approach Him with a pure heart seeking truth.  He knows the difference between an accusatory countenance and a pure one, and He wholeheartedly welcomes every soul seeking to benefit from His miraculous insight and omniscience.

So go ahead... ask Him anything!

Praising our Awesome God,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)