Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Faithful Daddy Hasn't Forgotten

It's always extremely gratifying to hear from God that He has "not forgotten you".  I got a birthday word from Daddy, through my Pastor, that included those words.

For the most part, we go along through life's courses remembering God's promises and trying to hold on to them but, sometimes, the heavier, more "sensitive", time-consuming ones get pushed back on the storage shelves of our awareness (either due to unbelief or) so that we can go on living without slipping into whining, complaining, or - worst of all - discouragement regarding their fulfillment.

God's timing is perfect - He also assured and reminded me of that in the birthday word.  I've needed to hear all those things but, especially, I needed reassurance that Daddy hasn't abandoned the vision for my life (even though I've been tempted to abandon it).  One part of me says, "of course He hasn't, Sharon" - that's the part governed by Holy Spirit.  The other portion - the doubting, fearing, harassing portion, which is really the enemy acting as ventriloquist to my flesh - is the portion best ignored, rebuked, and cast out of my "house" permanently.

Thank God for spiritual warfare.  Thank God for His numerous and powerful avenues by which we His children can take Christ's authority over enemy operatives and literally throw them out of the forum of our hearts, minds, wills, and emotions.  Christ would not have us ignorant, barren, or without power in Him, emulating His works of authority and even greater works than His, because He has accomplished our reconciliation with Daddy in Heaven. Hallelujah!  Who is like our God?

So, since I do believe the truth of His finished work, I choose also to continue to believe He hasn't forgotten me, even in the most vulnerable places.  The promise of husband and children - even in my 'old'-er age (I'm not Methuselah after all - I'm just "up there" for bearing children) He has not abandoned, and neither should I.  The scope of ministry He has proclaimed over my life - and is fulfilling with the blogs and Glory Shield website - are proof of His unending veracity.

When struggling with having faith in the super-sensitive trenches, I've discovered the best thing to do is always come clean with God and then declare your choice to believe, no matter what.  Abba knows what you're feeling anyway... He just wants you to trust Him enough to tell Him about it.  He won't zap us for saying, "God, I'm struggling to believe; I'm struggling to hold on in this area", because He already knows we are.  But whether or not we trust His heart towards us enough to "go there" with Him is what He wants to know.  Will we try to hide, regardless?  Or will we sit down with Him and unload it all - doubts, fears, unbelief, struggles, sin, shame - the whole ball of wax?  Is He regarded as Friend enough by us that we will do this?  Do we believe and trust His tender invitation to conference?

“Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.  (Isaiah 1:18)

In each of us, Daddy's working on faithfully informing us, time and again, that there's no need to hide.  His persevering love follows us wherever we go, and His list of promises to us never gets shoved in a corner or relegated to nowhere like ours does.  Our loving Father never forgets us.  Never.

Saints, continue to cling to ALL of God's promises over your lives, knowing that He Who made them is Faithful.  That's a great word...

In Christ's Name,
Daddy's Girl