Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Not Complicated

I was so touched recently by a video I saw of a little New York girl who wanted to see her daddy on a special "field day" held at her school.  Her father's a dedicated military man, often away from home.  He didn't believe he'd make the event, but told her he'd try.

Apparently, this little girl - no more than a youngster of seven or eight years - is the type who really loves her daddy... that's how nearly all little girls start out.  So she took his word and, although honestly saddened by the soaring odds she wouldn't see him on that day, she attended the school's big event and made the best of it.

God gave them a bright, sunshiny day and the school's playing field teemed with frolicking students and varied sporting events.  The little girl ran the obstacle courses and high-fived students and teachers like the good-natured child she seemed to be - all the while having no idea her father had arranged to be there to surprise her at the event.

Her mom, school teachers, and faculty all kept that secret as the precious little girl did her best to buck up, chin up, and enjoy the day without seeing her beloved father.

Then came the big moment.

As she finished running an obstacle course, happily (or so it seemed), one of the teachers called her to a mini-camera taping the events and high-fived her.  She returned the gesture, pleasantly.  Then the teacher thanked her for high-fiving him and for high-fiving her own teacher, and then he added [paraphrasing] but you haven't high-fived your dad yet... and here he is to be with you on your special day!

Friends, when that little girl caught sight of her daddy, all the tears she'd obviously held right at the top of her emotions all day just burst through the gates of her protections and brave resolve... and she RAN to his arms atop sweet floodwaters of relief and adoration for that man, the likes of which I haven't seen in decades!

The best part for me was that, when he spotted her, the big strong military man got down on one knee, held his arms out for his little girl, and folded them around her heartily and lovingly as she just melted on his neck, with her little tummy pounding and heaving against his chest.  She cried her eyes out holding and loving her daddy and, while she did, he didn't move a muscle.  He held his little girl for as long as she needed to hold on to him, and he let her joy and love flow into him as she stood there - unashamed and not even remembering people were around.  After all, she was holding on to her daddy, friends... she wanted him there so badly, and he came!  Her daddy... her daddy... hers.  Merciful God. It was beautiful.

I watched that video and cried my tear ducts dry!

Then the Lord sweetly said to me, "Beloved, it never gets any more complicated than that with you and Me; with Me and any of My children. Holding on to Me just like that - just as you see that little girl do with her father - is all that I require of you in relationship to Me.  All that I have given you of life and Godliness and your calling as pastor and teacher in nourishment to the Body of Christ... it ALL springs from that avenue of honesty and genuine love between you and Me.  All of it.  And I never expect any more of you than for you to want to see 'your Daddy', hold 'your Daddy', and be with 'your Daddy' always.  You are forever My child, and I will do everything else required for your success in Me.  I will always kneel down and steady Myself so that you can hold on to Me and love Me and squeeze Me and cry on Me all that you need, for as long as you need, beloved; while I wrap My arms around you.  I love you."

Friends, lay your head upon your Father's breast; cry upon His neck and tell Him that you love Him, every day.  Don't even think about who else is around... it's just you and Daddy, always.  Be benefited by the truth of His outstanding Love for you, and know that He will never leave you, nor forsake you; but He'll be there - always - He'll be there.

Hugging and Loving on Him Forever,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)