Saturday, May 18, 2013

Like a Child

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How often do you feel like this about Daddy?

I hope it's more often than not.  That's what it's really all about, beloved.
And when we take our eyes off of this, we stray.

I once asked the Lord if it was okay with Him that all I wanted to do in His Presence was cry.  I had no fancy, flowery words or phrases to offer; all I wanted to do in His Presence was hold on to Him like a little girl clings to her father in silence (with my heart doing all the 'speaking'). I asked Him if He minded that all I wanted to do in His Presence was love on Him, kiss Him, hug Him... and cry.

The Best of
I sincerely wanted to be assured it was okay with Him, and His reply was loving and simple. He said,

"Of course it is.  It's what I'm here for.  It's what I want, beloved; that's why it's on your heart this way.  It's what I have prescribed for communion with My children, that they pour out their hearts unto Me.  And I never get tired of your tears and affection.  I never tire of your hugs or of you telling Me you love Me.  When you squeeze Me, the substance of Life in Me pours out over your entire being, and you are changed to more of Me.  That's My whole goal for your life - to impart My Substance and 'Being' unto you."

Isn't that beautiful?

While I cry, Daddy blesses me; while I cry, Daddy cleanses me; while I cry, Daddy comforts me and calls me "His Own".  Oh, and these are good cries, beloved; cries of adoration and thanksgiving.  But He lovingly receives my tears of anguish as well; He redeems and heals and covers it all.  It's always all good with God, Saints.  And He never gets bored or tired of our love.

I praise and dance before Him and, always, He delivers me and cleanses me of the poisons of the day.  Then He speaks words of love, truth, and encouragement to my heart, as Holy Spirit renews my covenant with Him, sealing me even further to His warm and loving side. He is protective and jealous over my time and attention. He desires and welcomes my love. He is Tender, Faithful, and Kind.  He is Delightful in Joy and Splendor.

He's our big, strong Daddy - and our LIFE and BREATH forever.

Holding His Hand and Praising His Name,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)