Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Precious Memories

I've been doing a lot of posting about my mom this month here and on my other blogs because this is the month she went to Heaven 21 years ago, May 30th.

The Best of
My memories and love of her are strong, and God has long-since graciously removed the grieving shroud I wore for many years after her passing. My memories are blessed...

As I write this I've found a gorgeous Frilly Pansy which reminds me of the springtime shopping excursions we took happily each year once I was settled into working for a local newspaper. My earthly father didn't indulge her love of spring and summer flowers, vegetable gardens, and generally beautiful things, but I did.  I made it a point to do so because I loved her, and because going "flower shopping" - as she called it - gave me a glimpse of my mom's whimsical "kid-in-a-candy-store" side, which I relished.

As I said, she loved plants and working with the earth and living things. Pansies were a favorite flower of hers, and I've always found them strikingly beautiful. Look at this phenomenal flower and tell me, what's not to love?

$100.00 for seeds - that's what I'd earmark for floral gardens, herbs, and fresh vegetables we'd harvest (well, she'd harvest) from grape arbors and crop rows until autumn frost; I kid you not. Back then, that amount of money purchased a lot of Burpees!  She loved it. Gardening was her delight, and she was mine.

The priceless example of Jesus Christ she lived before me for 27 years has indelibly glued me to His loving side. To say I appreciate Ma, her constant prayers, and unconditional love of me is such an understatement, it's almost an insult.  But sometimes words fail even the best of God's poets!  ;0)

I only know I love the Lord and, eternally, I love and bless my mother for all she lived of God before me. The Lord knows exactly who to give as soldiers of the cross living the life of Jesus in front of silly, rebellious kids.  I believe He matched us perfectly... and the "seed" of Christ's love within me is the very best she ever planted. Thank You, Daddy, for my loving mom and her love of beautiful flowers.

Blessing God for Precious Memories,