Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Seasons Change

I didn't attend my high school's Senior Prom, but my Goddaughter Jessica is all set to attend hers this weekend.  All the lipstick, glitter, and hair twists are poised for their debut.

Jessica Ida is a beautiful 17-year-old child of God who the Lord graciously allowed me to help raise; I've been an active part of her life since she was four months old.  She's Lynette's youngest daughter and has grown up faster and stronger than rope weeds on a patio deck, folks.

As seasons change from winter's cold to spring's delight to summer's inviting warmth, so seasons of life have changed for all of us, including Jessica.  Lord willing, she's entering college in the fall and, for her, that means a whole new way of life will begin.

God protects us, guides us, and keeps us through every season of life.  In truth, He faithfully arrives there way before us and clears away all rocks, sticks, cracks, and boulders in life's path to make things as easy and as comfortable as He can for His beloved.  He knows and understands that the realm of "unknowns" can be stressful enough, without ridiculous and unnecessary, enemy-strewn obstacles blocking our paths.

God is cool, and merciful, and kind.

My prayer for my Goddaughter Jessica is that, as God unfolds the petals of His plan of life for her, she will regard His road signs and directionals with as much care as possible - knowing that His ways are always perfect, and His will for her is rife with reward.

What an exciting time you are facing, Jess; and God's very best is yet to come!

From My Heart,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)