Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Sisters Green: Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, I gave Glory to Daddy for the eldest of two sisters in our home  fellowship who have greatly impacted me through their example of trust in Him.  Today, I'll share with you my love, appreciation, and admiration of the second eldest sister.

Evelyn Nicole Green

I'm increasingly stirred by "Nikki's" intrepid nature concerning the things of God as it emerges more and more.  She is unafraid to be afraid; there are such lessons in that for me!

For instance, so many things we need to say to those lost and dying in the world we often don't say due to fear.  Not Nikki.  While this young woman recognizes intimidating situations, she's not immobilized by them.  Regardless of impending outcome, she maintains the tenacity in Jesus to blaze into most opportunities He grants like the heroine in a "based on a true story" drama.  No fooling.

She's got a "call a spade a spade" blunt honesty to her character which wreaks of evangelistic strength.  No backing down, no sitting back... just straight-forward admission of the truth in any predicament.  That's Nikki, and I love it.  Most important, Daddy loves it about her such that He has pronounced her His "warrior" many times in prophetic utterance in our fellowship, and that's begun to truly excite her.  I see the pleasure on her face and hear the delight in her voice as she often testifies (to our joy) of the Divine appointments God has given her with souls uncertain of their identity in Christ or His directives concerning their critical paths.

All of us have to "grow into" our commissioning in Christ Jesus and, as Nikki's testimony broadens in His sight, I realize her Godly sword and shield no longer lie on the ground.  I see this truth sort of "dawning" on her, too, each time we meet; and it is like watching the unfolding of a gorgeously aromatic flower.  Instead of a rose or a lilac, Nikki is more the Bird of Paradise type... stunningly beautiful and definitely something you don't see every day.

I think that's awesome.

Her bright eyes and dazzling smile are well indicative of God's impartations in laughter and intelligence, as she is plenteously blessed with both.  Nikki has a frank, ticklish sense of humor I enjoy and, at the tender age of 23, she has been heavily gifted in areas of financial expertise that leave me blinking like a child.  Such is the hand of God on her life and, though she's had many challenges to her growth and tenacity in Christ over the years, bit-by-bit Evelyn Nicole is emerging as God's faithful firecracker... simultaneously endowed with His tenderness and warring strength.  How marvelous.

I thank the Lord for what He's taught me in witnessing the steady development of these young women in His gentle hands.  Repeatedly, God carefully nourishes and waters their circumstances with encouragement and love, and they've responded to Him - like the willing vessels they are - by flourishing and giving Him the Glory.

Antonia Monique and Evelyn Nicole... the sisters Green... I love you both very much.

Praising God for my family in Him,
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)