Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day Now Has Meaning

It wasn't that long ago that Father's Day meant nothing good to me.

It was a big, bloody thorn in my side because - like so many men and women - I associated the term "father" with sadness, loss, rejection, and general negativity.

But not anymore.

Because of what Christ has accomplished according to Daddy's plan, the day's been reborn in JOY to my heart.  Its very notion now evokes feelings of safety and the reality of my heavenly estate.  Truth is, I am blood-washed and secure in Daddy because of Jesus' sacrifice and my agreement with it.  Truth also is I have nothing to fear, worry, or complain about, ever.

A Holy Parallel

Years ago I heard this riveting analogy, which I've never forgotten, because it registered the truth of Daddy's longing for reconciliation with mankind like nothing ever had: 

Like an expectant father, the Lord Jehovah paced back and forth on eternity's floor as His only begotten Son lay nailed to a cross, suspended between Heaven and earth. Abba watched Him, closely, and His eyes welled with tears as Christ's obedience slowly ripped open the veil between us and our rightful inheritance... the veil erected by sin... the veil Yahweh hated because it separated our frail forms from His loving breast...

...Abba watched Him... and watched Him ravaged by our sin.  Pacing continually in Glory's illumination the Father waited... and waited... for all to be "accomplished" - Paid in Full.  His own heartbeat filled His ears as mankind... His most beloved creation... was bought back for Him with blood.

Then it happened.  Christ Jesus, our Wonderful Savior said, "It is finished.  Father, into Your hands I commend My Spirit."  The ministry of Reconciliation had come to earth to swaddle the lives of Yahweh's children and bring them back to Him.  All Jesus' need do was sprinkle His perfect blood upon the eternal mercy seat, and reunion with the Father would be ours!

Saints, when Christ applied His spotless blood upon the pardon throne of God, the Father LEAPED through the New Veil of Christ's body (giving us legal right to Him) and swept us up in His Arms!  HALLELUJAH!

The Godhead burst forth in JOY and song as Abba rocked us in His Bosom, kissing over and over our faces and chins as His grateful tears bathed us in renewal, pardon, and strength.


Blissful Assurance

And I know assuredly, by Holy Spirit's gentle power that there is nothing more precious to Abba in Heaven or earth's creation, than me... than you... than we. Amen.

So I intend to spend this Father's Day resting in my Daddy's Arms. The strength of His Mercy, Protection, and Love for me encircles me continually... in Him I am reborn to purpose and meaning on earth and to eternal life in Heaven.  Daddy's soothing, transforming, and nurturing breath covers and rolls me in Goodness like fragrant, soft powder clings to a new babe's belly.

I now smell sweet, because of my Father's deeds, and I lay comfortably couched in His faithfulness. I know my purpose and my cause; I know my life will go on, eternally - keenly balanced and blessed, in Him.  So it's with triumphant JOY that I shout:


Your sacrifice and nourishment have made it sweet to me.
I am My Heavenly Father's girl, and truly blessed to be!

In His Favor I Remain...
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)