Saturday, June 8, 2013

God ALWAYS Hears

I am in love with the truth that the True and Living God hears us every time we speak to Him.  He hears us - literally - every time we think to Him.  Really now, how awesome is that? This is the Almighty, Everlasting, Omnipotent God... and His focus is on me.  His focus is on you.  That's not a clanging attempt to boost our morale, folks... it's ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

Do you ever let your mind travel on such realistic paths?  After all, God's works are actually more of a reality than earth's happenings.  I didn't always know that, I confess, but I do now; and I am in love with His very existence.

What got me thinking along these lines is that I remember a brief prayer I said before going to bed Thursday night.  I've been very blessed in every way concerning God's goodness in my life, but I wanted a "manifest encouragement" to uplift my soul even more - so I asked God for it.

The Lord lives to encourage us, y'all - seriously.  He knows that - just as a little baby needs constant affirmation in growth and goodness - WE NEED IT DESPERATELY also, with every step we take in His commissioning.  There's no such thing as "arriving" to the point where we no longer need His encouragements and love... what a horrible place that  would be!  Do our children ever reach the point of outgrowing our love and desire to affirm them? Absolutely, positively not (and it really doesn't matter what they say, they'll always need it and desire it because God created us all that way).  So when I asked it of my sweetheart Daddy, He gave it to me, because He heard me asking. He felt my sincerity, and it drew on His tender heart of mercy towards me.

I love that solitary truth right there... it means everything in the world to me.  My Father hears my prayers, for real.  He literally hears them with His ears over all the elated "noise" of Heaven; over all the intensity of running every universe with joy and power and Majesty and might... He hears my seemingly microscopic cries - my minuscule pulses of desire and request, HE HEARS... because none of them are counted meaningless to Him! That's my favorite part.  That's the part that dissolves me in tears of love and thanksgiving when I sincerely consider its truth, friends... O, yes... that's the part.

The Eternal God is poised on the edge of His Throne, listening with hand-to-ear for the faintest beat of my heart towards His benevolent, merciful countenance, and He's waiting to grant all the mercy I request, all the goodness  brightly aligning my heart to His.

There is no one in existence I love more than the Lord.  No one.

The best part is, because He is The Almighty God... He feels the same way toward all of His children, individually - simultaneously - without end.  I am in Love with the TRUTH that all of us can have all of Him, simultaneously, forever and ever.  Amen;  and there is not a single breath or wisp of air in my lungs that He has not allowed; His "sanctioning" abides with me.

Every molecule of salt in my tears He has tasted, and every notion of my heart's full intents touch His ears.

THAT'S  our God.

Daddy's Girl

(Btw, yesterday this blog was read in Communist China and then in Japan; a first for my writings. Also, I heard from a brother in Christ I hadn't heard from in a long while; those things uplifted my heart tremendously. That's the "manifest encouragement" God granted.)

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)