Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Growth in Giving

Caring for others is better than being cared for; Daddy is right (big surprise there), it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being pampered every bit as much as the next person but, finally, I am really learning the intense reward involved with linking to the benevolent heart of Abba concerning what we give.  The Lord loves to receive our praise, honor, and glory... but what truly fuels His jets about it is the blessing praising Him generates for us. Think about it - our giving always draws blessing from Him.  It always causes Him to give even more.

My Twin Sister, Lynette
The JOY of the Lord gives us strength. Praise evokes the Presence of God. Prayer moves the hand of God in our lives. Our every action in righteousness brings an even greater response and reaction in reward from God's coffers.  That's just simply how it works.

God urges us to be obedient, tenderhearted givers because such righteousness is literally what strokes the pump of His supply in blessing towards us. Through it, He teaches us about the wisdom of give-and-take in relationships and that we're meant to be helpers, one to another.  Righteousness yields righteousness; blessing yields blessing.  It's God's law of reciprocity at its finest and it's tied to the inherently sacrificial, altruistic nature of love.

I'm learning that first-hand in many things but, particularly, this week I'm learning it in caring for my twin sister Lynette who has a chest cold; her first in many months.

Regular readers of Daddy's Girl know how special Lynette is to me; she's usually the one caring for me, whether I'm ill or not.  She wholly supports God's blog and website ministries over which I'm a grateful steward, and will often come to my home to cook, clean, run errands, and do whatever she believes will free up maximum concentration time.

You've heard it before and it's still true - Lynette is wonderful; an awesome example to me of unselfish love and plain old friendliness.  It's something I've not experienced to this extent since my mother's passing.

Well, with this cold oppressing her - now it's my turn to show the heart of God that's been developing in me over the years in areas of nurturing and caring thoughtfulness.  Also in terms of blatant domestic service - another thing I haven't truly re-embraced since Ma died. Apart from the gratifying buzz of helping out a friend, I just flat-out need the practice... know what I mean?

Daddy has very gentle ways of transitioning us kids into places of benevolence and hospitable service towards our brethren.  This cold of Lynette's affording me opportunity to yield to God's fruitful work in me is a sweet and easy case in point.  The big kahuna step of showing such kindness to my enemies, however, is still a work in progress!  ;0)

Thanking God for His merciful blessings and wishing Lynette a speedy recovery,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)