Saturday, June 1, 2013

WANTED: Prayers, Truths, and Encouragements

I solicit prayer to hold on to God's promises in peace and safety and JOY, dear ones.

I love the Faithfulness He has shown me in all areas, and I choose to cling to His immutable character, despite the frailty of my own at times.

I love the Lord and know He hears all my prayers; for that I am eternally thankful.  I know that - in the fullness of timing in His plan - His hand will visit me regarding all the promises He's made.  He cares more about some of them than do I, but they all play critical roles in my overall Destiny and purpose in Him... so I want them all.

I solicit prayer to hold on to God's promises in the face of silly pangs and human emotions, dear ones.

Daddy has blessed me going and coming - coming and going - and I have nothing but that for which to be thankful... I know it's true.

Father God, in Jesus' Name, please cause me to turn my head away from stupidity and ridiculous mindsets, standards, and expectations of myself and others.  I want to be realistic and real, in Your timing and way, and by Your definitions always.  I want to get over myself and keep my eyes on Your Goodness; for by it I was saved and, by it, I live life eternal and have JOY everlasting in You.

Truth is never empty.  Truth is never a "pep" talk.  Truth is Jesus and His life attached to mine will keep me, day by day, from shadow into sunshine; from sorrow into JOY.  That's a tried truism, friends; so let's all be encouraged that the God of all Peace will rescue us from the enemy's plans for our demise as long as we grab hold of the Lifeline of His Truths and let them carry us, safely, to His peaceful shores.


"...fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)