Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Brings You JOY?

Sometimes (well, quite often really) I contemplate life and what God has given me in every area I can imagine.  Sometimes I narrow the field and just think about different levels of JOY.  This is one of those times, and I want to share my "thought list" with you.

3 Things that Give Me Intense Joy:

1.  Intimacy with the Godhead (includes praise and worship)
2.  Ministering in the Power Giftings (discerning of spirits, prophesying, etc.)
3.  Encouraging others (God has made me an "encourager")

3 Things that Give Me Exceeding Joy:

1.  Writing/Teaching from Home (extolling God's goodness simply, clearly, and in my PJs!)
2.  Fellowship with my twin sister, Lynette
3.  Laughter (Daddy has a marvelous sense of humor, folks!)

3 Things that Give Me Much Joy:

1.  Fellowship with my family in Christ
2.  Singing
3.  Old movies & TV shows (they truly don't make 'em like they used to!)

Standing atop the long slide of such enumeration of Joy inevitably results in splashing into the giant pool of thanksgiving and praise to God for His myriad gifts!  I love the Lord, and I bless Him for patiently waiting for me to trust Him enough to receive His bounty. Sounds strange, I know, but that's exactly what He did... tenderly, thoughtfully, and patiently He waited in the (often) cold night of fear and unbelief in my life until I was enabled by Holy Spirit to open the door of my soul to Him and welcome His Presence.  Jesus is ever-patient, ever-merciful, ever-loving and kind; you'll never meet anyone like Him in willingness to suffer, bleed, and die for you, beloved.  He is absolutely matchless in character, incomparable in strength and power, and mighty to save! Hallelujah!  Praise His Holy, Magnificent Name!!

Daily, Daddy brings me much, exceeding, intense JOY!  How about you?

If you contemplate His blessings today with a thankful, humble heart, and a mind to praise, it will align your vision with His and bring you abundant JOY!

God bless you.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)