Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Matters Most - God or the Mission?

Abraham knew the difference between God and His mission.  He valued God more.  When confronted with God’s request to take Isaac’s life, he chose to accept it because he knew God is even more important than the things He asks of us.  God will test our knowing in that regard.

Obey Daddy’s mission, beloved, but hold it loosely.  God Himself is the only One we should cling to with our whole heart and entire being.  Love your family and the Body of Christ according to all God’s definition, but hold them loosely in your emotions.  Don’t ostracize them, but don’t exalt them either; don’t value the opinions of others over the opinions of God.  Abraham didn't.  He kept his eyes on Yahweh, no matter what others thought or saw... even no matter what he saw in the “deadness” of Sarah’s womb.  And after all of that, when he was asked to kill the blessing, the promise, the mission he’d waited for all of his life, he bowed to the request, at the word of God, valuing the Lord more than the mission.  Then God revealed the true nature of "the test".

Oh, what a priceless lesson!

The Best of
I had computer problems yesterday which culminated in a huge hissy fit.  Just being real with you.  Truthfully, I don’t usually have “hissies” over computer stuff and, in hindsight, the problem wasn't worth the emotional trouble.  It’s still not.  It also wasn't anything the Lord couldn't solve.

Although I am slightly hormonal (if you get my meaning), I think what I've needed to realize (and do now, thanks to Holy Spirit) is that, at times, God will allow such problems to put our mission on hold for a bit because He wants us to spend more intimate time with Him.  Surely, carrying out His tasks keep us mindful of Him, but ministry never takes the place of private praise and worship time with Daddy, shutting out all other activities and distractions.  Period.  God asks this of us but, in all honesty, our own spirit-men need it; indeed, my spirit man suffers without it even though I’m writing about the things of God every day.  That's because I am not the source of these writings - God is - and their power, impact, and resource to the masses is sourced by Daddy via my intimacy with Him.  It works that way for all of us, no matter the calling in Him.

I believe Abraham knew that.  He befriended God, sacrificed to Him, built altars to His Name, walked with Him, and knew His heart.  Eventually God was able to keep his eyes in the right place no matter the circumstance, enabling him to obey and wait patiently.  That’s what I want to do.

God has asked me to wait on many things, as He does every one of His kids sooner or later.  My "sacrifice" to Him is willingly putting cozy, private, snugly time with Him ahead of the "things I think I need to do".  That's a very effective, fiery form of refining and discipline which, in time, becomes an absolute pleasure.  Regular intimacy with God keeps our "marriage" with Him strong because it fosters phenomenal JOY, Godly perspectives, and discernment.  When we are continually in that splendid breath of Heaven, we can tell very easily when the air goes bad.

I admit I re-learned that lesson today... it’s no newsflash to my spirit.  My problem is allowing Holy Spirit to keep the flesh out of my way, especially when (I think) the mission is threatened.  God needs my submission to His love, not my protection. 

Loving on Daddy is more important than the mission.  It's everything.

Full of confessions today,
Daddy’s Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)