Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Little Break

Dear Readers,

The new website is online at gloryshieldministries.net and, frankly, I am exhausted! Happy, but exhausted!  :0)  It was a true labor of love, I assure you!

Therefore, Daddy's Girl is taking the day off to rest up.  Lord willing, there will be a new post up on Wednesday to benefit and bless your hearts.

Thank you for your understanding and patience; I know these posts are important to all of you.  Please take some time to catch up on previous posts if you haven't already done so.  Also, pay us a visit at the Glory Shield Ministries site via the link above and check out our new digs!

God willing, see you back here Wednesday; the Lord bless your day.

Sharon (a.k.a. "Daddy's Girl")