Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Poem of Understanding


God knows the trials that, daily, we face
trying to mirror His love and His grace.

He treasures the littlest things that we do
and sends great reward in His timing to

encourage our gladness and strengthen our hearts
that though we don't dare to share all our thoughts

He knows what they are and knows them right well;
His love never faults us for wanting to tell

the things that just make us 'look good' in His sight.
He knows of our struggles and sees through the night

upon all our hardships and stresses and faking;
He urges we strip off the frauds, undertaking

the knowledge of His unconditional love
so we can stand honest before Him with 'tubs'

sitting upright and full of His patience and care
overflowing with honesty, willing to share

all the "uglies" with Him; all the good and the bad,
and the prideful events, and the thoughts that we've had.

God wants us to take all the time that we need
to be naked and truly confess every deed

so His love and forgiveness can take full affect
to repair and renew our dear hearts from shipwreck.

So that we can come boldly before His Great Throne
with love everlasting that our hearts have known

belongs to us solely from now 'til the end
purifying us holy like our greatest Friend.

He's ally, He's Faithful, He's our Mighty Father
to His heart we're precious and never a bother.

Encourage my heart, Sovereign God of all flesh!
You've saved me completely from all threat of death.

My life is Your canvas and Your tapestry
I'm rescued from ruin and, from sin, set free!

(Copyright © 2013, by Sharon Joy Gramling.  All Rights Reserved.)


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)