Thursday, August 22, 2013

Draw near to God, TODAY

With tenderness I bare my breast unto the Most High God and He sacredly views my heart. Our hearts are precious to Him... they house the true meaning of us.

When He has granted favor, His scepter glistens, outstretched to me as He bids me enter. Nothing of purity or splendor or grace holds more richness than the tender warmth of His hands, and His lips upon my brow.

My Father loves me.

I need that tender love more than I need the air to breathe.  With tenderness He surrounds me and comforts me and supports me.  He is my only support, though I draw comfort many times from His blessed children who also surround and envelop my heart with favor. I am loved and I know it.  I am singularly blessed to be in His Body's heart, which spans the globe.

Christ's garments contain favor, everlasting, and we are His beloved Bride.

Do you know the excellence of Your Father's love for you?  Do you feel the fervor with which He adores you, the loving kindness of His heart, and the strength of His commands and edicts in JOY which He declares every day on your behalf?  They're all there, waiting.

Reach out to Him today in prayer with no one seeing.  How you are with your closet door closed is how you are, and Daddy wants to know everything proceeding from your hearts towards Him.  If it's anger He can handle it; if it's grief He can comfort it; if it's doubt, fear, or unbelief our God will bend over backwards to prove Himself Faithful to you again and again. The lengths of His plan stretch eternally onward to bring you to life everlasting and secure you to His side in sheltering love and empowering resource.

He is our only Strength and, therefore, our only JOY.

God's favor is more precious than life.  Seek it with your whole heart set on honest communication with Him today.  Seize the day, the minute, the hour - don't wait for His Spirit to move towards you - move towards Him, and you'll find that Holy Spirit has been there, waiting, all along!  Draw near to God and you will see that He is all around you!  He knows your name, and He knows your circumstance in every detail, beloved.  He wants you, and He wants you to welcome Him into every area of your life.

Resolve in your heart to honor Him as your only, best, and eternal Friend.

If at all possible, do it today.

Let's pray...

[Merciful Father, I pray Your strength and power in a lifeline to all those uncertain about choosing You today.  Whether seeking a deeper walk with You or choosing You for the first time, I ask that You bless these souls with Your ability to choose righteousness to cover their lives and Your Spirit to lead and guide them in the Way.  Christ Jesus, I remand everyone reading this post to Your custody, and I pray Your heart of eternal and unconditional love will pierce through every dark place to bring life everlasting that they will be strengthened, and that they will be saved.  In Jesus' Name I pray.  Amen.]

God bless you.

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)