Saturday, August 10, 2013

Forgiveness: A Closer Look

When you love someone, that's it.  That's the stick-to-itiveness of God.  I love that about Him.  Take a deep breath and decide to forgive someone today - even if it's only yourself; that matters very much, too.  Let God's love prevail.

So much is said about how "wonderful" forgiveness is, and that's true.  But when it really, deeply, and truly comes down to it forgiveness is a choice - it's a decision to say, heck with it, I don't care what you've done (to me or anyone else), I'm going to love you anyway; I'm going to have you in my life and in my arms... anyway.

Tough choice?  Impossible decision?  Only because of fear and pride.  Christ is our Example in all things, and if Christ was devoid of such deadly traits we can be, too, by Daddy's power. 

Those aren't just words, beloved - they're truth, they're reality.  They're keys to powerful, overcoming faith and freedom.  Most important, they're breakthrough inroads to pleasing the Father.  How much do you desire to please Him?  Apply prayer to that question, and let it massage the walls of your integrity; let it court your intellect with the God-given clarity prayer brings.

The Best of
If necessary, friends, let it convict you.  Don't be afraid of conviction; it's irrefutably essential to life and growth in Christ.

Once you have decided to forgive, ask Holy Spirit to take you the rest of the way by appropriating that forgiveness to your life and interactions with those who've wounded you, and those you've wounded.  Remember that Holy Spirit is God on the earth, dwelling within us... only God can put our choice to forgive into credible action.

So we'll stop right there and go back to the "decision" part.

Who have you had problems forgiving?  Who really needs forgiveness from you?

In truth, the person most in need of your decision to forgive is you.  Remember that unforgiveness from you means unforgiveness from Daddy.  If you won't forgive others, He can't forgive you.  That truth puts a completely different light on things for me each time I examine it.  Desperately wanting and needing the Father's forgiveness motivates me to forgive others like nothing else, and it takes me right back to the question I asked earlier:

How much do you desire to please God?  Beloved, you're just one righteous choice away from doing so in the truest and greatest avenue of your life.

Let's pray.

[Father God, in Christ's Name, I ask Your forgiveness of me for the sins I've committed that I've known of and not known of, and for every way I've grieved Holy Spirit.  Father, I choose to forgive every person who has sinned against me or wounded me from the beginning of my life to this moment.  I ask that, by Your power, You will enable and appropriate that forgiveness to my life, daily, activating the process of restoration and reconciliation in every relationship ordained by You and, from today forward, wiping the slate of offenses clean within me towards everyone, in Jesus' Name.  Amen.]

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)